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Andrew Tate Says ‘Easy Money’ Not in Crypto Anymore, Still Shilling Hustler’s University

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In Brief

  • Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate took to Twitter to state that opportunities to make 'easy money' in crypto are shrinking.
  • Tate pointed out a new wave of tech-savvy 'crypto kids,' while promoting his courses to make money.
  • The newly-released-from-jail personality lauded his hardwork while pulling crypto kids down for their lack of practical experience.
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Former kickboxer and controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate took to Twitter to state money in crypto is shrinking.

Meanwhile, the American millionaire promotes ‘no BS’ crypto investing at his online university as part of “modern” wealth creation.

Andrew Tate: ‘A New Generation of Nerds’

Tate pointed out that there is a new wave of tech-savvy ‘crypto kids.’ According to the internet personality, who faced suspicion of organized crime and human trafficking, crypto kids gained significant wealth through deceitful practices. He claims that these marketers made money by trading digital assets such as NFTs and obscure cryptocurrencies.

However, he believes that the once lucrative nature of this field has dwindled. Emphasizing that it left many of these young adults in a difficult financial situation.

He also noted that influencers made money by sheer luck despite a lack of practical experience and real-world skills:

“Some 25-year-old yelling at you that money is easy, Despite only making his money through the easiest time in the world to get rich by blind luck. Do not fall for it.”

Tate reiterated that making money out of sheer luck in a failing shit coin market doesn’t make a person expert. It is interesting because he’s still a course-selling ‘guru’ that warns about other crypto marketers.

In order to educate freelance writing, cryptocurrency, investing, and business, Andrew ‘Cobra’ Tate has been promoting Hustler’s University 4.0. Tate is also labeling other crypto influencers as having “childish egos,” “easy money,” and “arrogant scamming scumbags” at the same time.

Andrew Tate Hustler University 4.0 Landing Page Pitch
Andrew Tate Hustler University 4.0 Landing Page Pitch

Prediction of a Bull run

While the former prisoner is promoting himself as a hardworking ‘guru’ to make his students ‘richer,’ it is a good reminder that his crypto was recently confiscated. Before his arrest by the Romanian authorities this year, Tate reportedly had 5 BTC seized by the police. According to reports, the authorities took control of Tate and his brother’s digital wallets that contained $500k worth of crypto.  

That said, Tate promotes his courses as “No bullshit, no fluff, just hard hitting lessons in making money.” Additionally, the influencer previously stated that fiat money is worthless, adding that “crypto is amazing for a bunch of things,” like an inflation hedge.

Andrew Tate on Anthony Pompliano's Crypto-Focused The Pomp Podcast
Andrew Tate on Anthony Pompliano’s Crypto-Focused The Pomp Podcast

His endorsement, meanwhile, comes as entrepreneur David Gokhshtein just predicted another bull run in a tweet.

Gokhshtein also forecasts that the popularity of a memecoin generally sparks a bull run, increasing crypto interest among marketers, influencers, and celebrities.

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