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AI Jobs Searches Skyrocket While Crypto Jobs Interest Plummets

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In Brief

  • Google Trends data shows a surge in searches for "AI jobs," four times the volume of "crypto jobs" at their peak.
  • Despite high-profile companies entering the crypto space, interest in crypto jobs couldn't match AI jobs' popularity.
  • Crypto job interest remains slightly above pre-2020 levels, reflecting the continued allure of the crypto market.
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The shifting sands of the tech job market are prominently reflected in the latest employment search trends. A surge in searches for “AI jobs” is eclipsing interest in “crypto jobs.”

The new employment trends highlight a pivot in job seekers’ attention as the allure of blockchain technology fades.

AI Jobs Seekers Skyrocket

Google Trends data indicates that the search interest for AI jobs has peaked at four times the volume of crypto jobs at their respective apices. The launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and investments in artificial intelligence by Google and Microsoft have stimulated this upward trend.

This shift in interest underscores the demand for AI professionals across industries, highlighting the mainstream integration of this technology.

AI Jobs vs Crypto Jobs Interest
AI Jobs vs Crypto Jobs Interest. Source: CoinGecko

In contrast, searches for crypto jobs are on a sharp decline, following an initial surge during the bull market of 2020.

Despite the high-profile entry of companies like Venmo, MasterCard, and PayPal into the crypto space, and nations like El Salvador recognizing Bitcoin as legal tender, crypto jobs interest could not match AI jobs popularity.

The downturn in crypto interest coincided with turbulent market events. These include the collapse of crypto exchange FTX and subsequent layoffs in leading crypto firms like, Binance, and Coinbase. Tightening regulations and legal actions against crypto firms have further deflated enthusiasm in crypto jobs.

Crypto Jobs Interest Remains High

Geographical data indicate Singapore as the leading hub for both AI and crypto job interest, supported by a business-friendly climate that has attracted significant tech investment.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates, recognized for its open crypto regulation, ranks second in crypto jobs search interest. And Nigeria, facing traditional banking challenges, occupies the third spot, driven by crypto’s cost-effective appeal.

Crypto Regulation Worldwide
Crypto Regulation Worldwide. Source: Statista

On the AI front, following Singapore, Pakistan and Kenya show heightened interest. This has been spurred by government initiatives to cultivate AI talent and local industries harnessing AI technology.

As the crypto industry grapples with uncertainty and regulatory scrutiny, AI presents an enticing alternative. AI’s integration into various sectors creates a demand for trained professionals, reflected in soaring AI jobs search interest.

However, the spotlight on AI jobs does not mean the end for crypto opportunities. Despite a recent dip, crypto job interest remains slightly above pre-2020 bull market levels, reflecting the continued allure of the crypto market.

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