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3D NFTs: Buy a Ready-To-Go Villa or Zen Garden for Multiple Metaverses

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20 July 2022, 05:33 GMT+0000
Updated by Nicole Buckler
20 July 2022, 05:35 GMT+0000

3D NFTs have arrived. A new marketplace now lets enthusiasts own metaverse scenes and other assets, like villas and zen gardens as NFTs. These are compatible across multiple metaverse environments. Virtual worlds include the Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and Spatial.

MetaMundo say they are the first 3D NFT marketplace that lets fans collect metaverse scenes and assets. On offer are whole galleries, music venues, vehicles, villas, parks, avatars, and more. And not only can you buy yourself a whole damn museum, creatives can design buildings and other things to sell.

3D NFT Marketplace

To start things off, MetaMundo has partnered with 3D creators, who are already neck-deep in metaverse design. Contributors include artist Dutchtide, American modernist architect Luis Fernandez, and metaverse architect Mila Lolli.

Finn Hansen is one of MetaMundo’s co-founders. “MetaMundo’s vision is to facilitate a beautifully designed, interoperable, and open metaverse – an immersive 3D social internet, where everyone can own and build parts of it through blockchain technology. The marketplace launch is our first major step towards realizing this vision. For the first time, we have enabled metaverse users to collect high-quality 3D scenes – minted as NFTs – for use across many virtual environments.”

The first 3D NFT drop will include a Brutalist-architecture-inspired Japanese Zen Art Gallery. This is a creation of Dutchtide.

A sprawling ocean-side luxury villa has been created by Luis Fernandez.

3D NFTs Interoperability

MetaMundo NFTs have been built on Ethereum, specifically designed for 3D files and metaverse interoperability. They say this solves a number of problems with 3D files, the metaverse and NFTs.

Hansen says, “We’re solving the lack of NFT interoperability through a unique architecture we’ve developed which features a versatile and extensible NFT metadata structure, supporting multiple 3D file versions and offering the flexibility to add additional file versions later to enable future-proofing as 3D technology evolves.”

Sebastien Borget from The Sandbox adds,”MetaMundo addresses the immense demand for creating vibrant environments and virtual cities within the metaverse, by providing a solution that is both scalable and creative, which is also compatible with The Sandbox.”

Intuitive User Experience

MetaMundo say that most of the NFT marketplaces were originally designed for 2D NFTs.

TJ Kawamura from Everyrealm says, “With the launch of MetaMundo, we are excited about the possibility of being able to collect 3D scenes that work across multiple metaverses. The unique feature of MetaMundo’s NFTs makes it incredibly easy for everyone to build on our land and create engaging metaverse environments from today’s leading 3D designers.”

The marketplace is based in the British Virgin Islands.

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