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NFT Champagne With Artwork by Mig Sells for a Record $2.5 Million  

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18 July 2022, 02:37 GMT+0000
Updated by Nicole Buckler
18 July 2022, 02:38 GMT+0000

NFT champagne is now a thing. So much so, that it makes us question whether the crypto winter is settling in at all. Things may indeed, still be toasty.

Luxury champagne connoisseur Shammi Shinh has managed to hawk the world’s most expensive champagne. And he isn’t a stranger to expensive champagne. By selling this latest bottle, he broke his own 2013 record of the world’s most expensive champagne. In 2013, the ‘Taste of Diamonds’ champagne sold for $1.9m. Shinh claims it was a celeb favorite, with One Direction and rapper Flo Rida guzzling it down. It also appeared in Hollywood blockbusters like Marvel’s Justice League.

This time around, however, the champagne bottle was a once-off. Named Champagne Avenue Foch, it came with an NFT that was designed by the artist Mig. Mig is behind The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFT collections. 

NFT champagne is now a thing.

NFT Champagne Artwork

The ‘Magnum 2.5’ created by Shinh, has a label which bears the artwork by Mig, and it is true to Mig’s usual style.

The 1-of-1 Magnum bottle was available to purchase on OpenSea as an NFT. It was priced at 2500 ETH ($2.5m). This makes it the most expensive bottle of Champagne in the world.

Shinh said, “NFTs are the new diamonds. This 1-of-1 bottle features art from NFT collections that have over a billion dollars in sales. Encrusted with diamond-cut Swarovski crystals with pure pewter embedded in the design, I wanted to create something timeless for the modern investor, nothing less of a masterpiece. As it is sold as an NFT, I expect it to be traded a few times in the marketplace before the physical bottle lands with the right individual who will HODL (Hold On For Dear Life). In order to receive the physical champagne bottle, the buyer will need to burn the NFT. The champagne itself is a work of art and unmatched quality.”

NFT champagne is now a thing.

And of course, the bottle sold to investors very recently. Fortune reported that Brothers Giovanni and Pierre Buono purchased the bottle in a private sale.

Seems like this crypto winter might last as long as a usual winter, if this keeps up.

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