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YouTuber Siraj Raval Caught Lying About Mining $800 in ETH with a Tesla

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In Brief

  • Youtuber claims to have learned to mine up to $800 a month with Tesla
  • The crypto community questioned the statements
  • Previously, the YouTuber was publicly caught in a lie
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Siraj Raval, a Tesla Model 3 owner claims he learned to mine up to $800 with Tesla, but the community questioned the statement.

Youtuber Siraj Raval claims to have been able to mine $800 per month in ether (ETH) cryptocurrency using Tesla Model 3. CNBC writes about this with reference to Raval.

Siraj Raval
Source: CNBC

It is reported that youtuber was able to mine cryptocurrency using a cluster of GPUs that are powered by an electric vehicle’s battery. While such a trick could void the car’s warranty, Raval claims it is “worth it,” as he was currently mining up to $800 a month.

“This is a computer on wheels … It is very easy to hack,” says Siraj Raval.

However, other Tesla enthusiasts questioned the accuracy of Raval’s claims. Miner Thomas Somers said in an interview with CNBC that the numbers the YouTuber claimed are simply not true. According to Somers, Tesla Model 3 GPUs are capable of delivering up to 7-10 Mh/s. According to Etherscan, such capacities bring the miner only ~$13 per month at an ETH rate of $3149.

Siraj Raval

Even if we rely on the historical maximum ether at a rate of $4812, then Siraj Raval should receive up to $20 per month. At the time of this writing, the YouTuber has not commented on the criticism in his address in any way.

This is not the first time that Raval has been at the center of a scandal. At the end of 2019, the YouTuber was caught plagiarizing a scientific article on neural qubits. As the user @AndrewM_Webb noted, Raval stole whole fragments of the article from other authors of similar work – Nathan Killoran, Seth Lloyd and their co-authors. On some occasions, Raval has paraphrased quotations from original works.

Siraj Raval Admits Previous Lie

A month later, Raval published a video on YouTube, in which he admitted that he often copied someone else’s code for his videos on YouTube and presented the work as his own. Raval then said it was  ‘selfishness’ on his part. However, he never commented on the incident surrounding the plagiarism of the article.

Let’s keep an eye on his next wild claims!

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