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XTRA.FUND Launches Blockrating to Instantly Price Blockchain Assets

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14 July 2022, 12:55 GMT+0000
14 July 2022, 13:57 GMT+0000

The world’s first DeFi platform with Price Drop Protection, XTRA.FUND has utilized its in-house talent and proven ability to innovate to incubate, develop, and eventually launch Blockrating.

Blockrating, which, once fully ready, will aim to both instantly price, as well as predict the pricing of blockchain-based assets including cryptocurrencies and NFTs with a high level of unrivaled accuracy. XTRA.FUND itself has already started to redefine the DeFi space. 

Combining that with a data-driven instant pricing & price prediction platform, the company is continuing the push to define itself as a real game-changer within the blockchain industry. 

XTRA.FUND delivers an unparalleled experience for potential gains, security and scalability. It is the world’s first DeFi platform, which not only rewards its users during times of token price gain but also protects their initial staked amount against a token drop price of up to an astounding 90% depending on the stake length ( terms & conditions apply).

The project aims to promote that crypto can be safe, secure, and rewarding at the same time, no matter the market condition.

To further its vision of making blockchain and its assets a more viable investment, XTRA.FUND is proud to announce the launch of an early alpha version of Blockrating (not available to the public yet), an accurate price setting & prediction algorithm accompanied by a platform designed to eventually give users an unprecedented level of accuracy when both setting & predicting the price of a blockchain-based asset. 

Recently, its algorithm was tested on a popular NFT series. The team was pleased with an initial success rate of a 73% level of accuracy, bearing in mind it is still an early alpha version of the algorithm (tested within a staged & controlled environment).

The applications are potentially endless and with a further developed version, may include the possibility of making non-liquid assets (i.e. NFTs) instantly liquid, accurate pricing of cryptocurrency ICOs / IEOs, and possibly predicting crashes – such as the recent Luna one – before they happen.

Supported by its resources and experienced talent, Blockrating aims to tackle one of the biggest obstacles to mass crypto & NFT adoption, that is, a lack of data-driven and accurate pricing along with reliable predictive analytics & forecasting.  

It is under continuous development and there is still a lot more to do before it can even enter into an early public version; however, the early results are proving very promising and may potentially usher in a  new era of stability and reliability within the blockchain ecosystem, accelerating its mass adoption significantly. 


XTRA.FUND is the world’s first cryptocurrency project with an investment protection feature. It launched its proprietary XTRA PROTECTION that protects your initial investment capital up to a certain level of decline in the XTRA.FUND Token price (50%-90%).

With its newly incubated project, Blockrating, the team is now also developing an algorithm that utilizes Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence along with massive amounts of data sets to price crypto and NFTs accurately and instantly.

Using this technology, the aim is to make blockchain assets (i.e. crypto & NFTs) more accessible for users. For instance, enabling the purchase of physical goods with the help of digital assets such as NFTs. 

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