Wikipedia Opposed the Classification of NFTs as Art

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14 January 2022, 01:01 GMT+0000
Updated by Nicole Buckler
14 January 2022, 01:07 GMT+0000
In Brief
  • Wikipedia editors refuse to classify NFTs as works of art
  • The editors of the encyclopedia referred to the lack of reliable sources of information
  • Previously, the head of Cardano accused Wikipedia of censorship
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Wikipedia editors recently voted against classifying non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as works of art.

This move, Wikipedia say, is due to the “lack of reliable sources of information.” This decision was made by the editors of the online encyclopedia.

The topic isn’t entirely hashed out, however. Artists will begin to actively comment on the subject of NFTs and their place in the art world. However, the timing of the re-discussion is still unknown.

An editor working under the nickname “Jonas” noted that Wikipedia cannot decide for itself what is considered art and what is not. He added that non-fungible tokens already have their own category, and the inclusion of NFTs in both of the subject areas does not seem appropriate. Of the six editors, five voted against the NFT’s classification as works of art.

Wikipedia Vs Cardano

Back in October of 2020, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the Cardano cryptocurrency ecosystem, accused Wikipedia of censorship and public lies. This happened after the digital encyclopedia removed the English-language page about his project. According to Hoskinson, Wikipedia’s moderators took this step due to a lack of “academic footnotes and cryptocurrency citations.”


The head of Cardano believes that individual Wikipedia moderators are actually engaged in “commercial censorship.”

The Cardano Foundation participated in the World Economic Forum in 2020. Also, it partnered with Harvard University after the higher learning establishment gave them a research grant.

Wikipedia, according to Hoskinson, considers this “insignificant” and not enough for the publication of the project on the site.

It is interesting to note, however, that cryptocurrencies have been added to the list of donation options for Wikipedia. You can donate with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ether using BitPay.

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