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What Is Corsair DeFi CASH Token?

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The CASH token is an instrument of influence on the global cryptocurrency market, created by a group of anonymous traders from the Euronext exchange – Corsair DeFi.

With this token, anyone can resist market makers and constantly earn money on the growth of the token and on the services of seizing and farming of the CASH token.

Corsair will transfer most of the trading profits to the CASH liquidity pool. Thus, you can always earn by keeping funds in toĸen CASH. Corsair has the technology used by most cryptocurrency hedge funds. Technology constantly monitors the activity of the addresses of the largest investors. When large assets are moved, these technologies are activated and inform the community about the reasons and plans of the trader.

Token CASH has already gathered a large community in all corners of the cryptocurrency business around the world and, accordingly, will collect a fairly large capitalization. The corsairs are building their own republic – their DEX CORSAIR. This will force people to be considered dreams in the global cryptocurrency market – and for this, we need a large army of like-minded people. Become CryptoCorsair and strike a balance in your direction.

DeFi Farming is a profitability or liquidity platform where users can provide liquidity and place bets in exchange for Corsair CASH. Corsair Farming will begin in Q4 2021. The farm formula will be published shortly before the launch date.

Due to the recent changes in today’s DeFi world, the team needs to be very flexible and innovative in terms of the farming formula developed in order to ensure the attractiveness and visibility of the CASH farm. Corsair Farming is the only platform where you can earn CASH. In addition, CASH Farming will include unique pools to help you earn CASH and other coins/tokens in the future. What happens when someone wants to work?

Let’s say Jack buys 1 CASH for 300 USDT using the BNB USDT pool. By doing this, increases the USD stake in the pool and decreases the CASH stake in the pool. In fact, this means that the price of CASH is going up. Why? There is less CASH left in the pool after the transaction, and we know that the total liquidity “k” should remain constant.

This mechanism determines the price. Ultimately, the price paid for the CASH price depends on whether the transaction changes the relationship between “x” and “y”. It is worth noting that this model does not scale linearly, because the larger the order, the more the balance between “x” and “y” shifts.

This means that larger orders become exponentially more expensive than smaller ones, resulting in more and more slippage. Consequently, the larger the liquidity pool, the easier it is to process large orders. Why? In this case, the shift between x and y is smaller.

How to make the most of the CASH token?

In late August, Corsair launched a private sale of CASH tokens. Now the closest participants are recruited into the project, for whom special conditions will open from the very beginning. You can be part of the crew and part of the Corsair ship at the lowest price during pre-sale – 3 cents ($0.03) per 1 CASH.

Also, the first of the first will receive an additional opportunity – to earn on CASH token staking even before entering the first exchange. The minimum cost for a front-row ticket is $77. A maximum of one hand can dispense CASH of up to $7,777. The starting price on the first exchange starts at $0.1




Token Type: Binance Smart Chaine

Total Supply: 777,777,777

Start Price: 1 CASH = 0.03 BUSD

Soft CAP: 7,777,777 BUSD

Hard CAP: 17,777,777 BUSD


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