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Web3.0 [email protected] to take place from April 7-9, 2023

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Web3.0 [email protected] will be held from April 7-9, 2023, at the University of Hong Kong. Themed “Into the Socialverse,” this event will be a genesis hackathon that focuses on the web3 social applications layer.

The Hackathon is co-hosted by BlockBooster, OKX, Gitcoin, and OxU Hong Kong Blockchain Club, and supported by various units of HKU, including Techno-entrepreneurship Core, Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values and HKU FinTech, etc. Apply Now

The Hackathon will offer a total prize pool of more than 500k HKD for winners with additional sponsored challenge rewards, follow-up investment opportunities and incubation possibilities. The event will comprise three parts: builder-focused workshops, online panel discussions & project reviews and a Demo Day.

Lennix Lai, Managing Director, Global Institutional, OKX said, “Hong Kong is destined to start a new blockchain narrative, and OKX is ready to meet it. We are excited to see Blockbooster contributing to the inception of more creative and innovative SocialFi projects. OKX looks forward to providing them with more support going forward.”

During the workshops, industry leaders will discuss topics such as Web3 Social development trends, market status, and development ecology. The Hackathon, led by Blockbooster mentors, will provide teams with advisory support over three days online and offline, including feedback on product-market fit, market strategy, contract auditing, and more.

The event aims to help entrepreneurs position their products correctly and speed up the project development runway. During Demo Day, top industry VCs and exchanges will participate in helping project builders connect with investors and industry resources. The event will also collaborate with Gitcoin and DoraHacks to explore opportunities on match funding on Hong Kong hackathon themes.

Mr. Joseph Chan from the Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values, HKU Business School, expressed, “This is an exciting platform where we will witness creative human-centric design meets technology innovation. I look forward to participants’ impactful blockchain exploration, creating value and facilitating change in the community and the society!”

The mentor committee comes from a diverse panel of industry-leading experts, including top-ranked degens, successful founders, and builders in the fields of Defi, Governance, NFT, Game/Guild, Security, Smart Contract, and Data. Workshops will feature leading Web3 social projects such as Mask Network and Galxe.

Jupiter Zheng, Research Director, HashKey Capital said “With Web3.0 Hackathon, key builders and contributors will come together to develop innovative blockchain products and lay the foundation for HK to move into the Web3 Hub together with whole communities and participants.” 

BlockBooster aims to establish the first Web3 innovation development and project ecology cultivation center in Hong Kong, partnering with 20+ industry leaders and 10+ local financial and technological leaders and institutions.

The mentor committee includes Azeem – Gitcoin, Chess – Quest3,Chris- Conflux, Duan Wei – NextID, Jeff Hu – Hashkey, Johnson – Hooga Gaming, Joshua – RSS3, Jun Hao – Altlayer, KC – Hooga Gaming, Mark – DODO, Meow – Cavis, Mike – Go+, O – SCB10x, Outprog / XiaoJay – EverFinance / AR, Sam&Li Ni – Avalanche, Wenqing – KNN3, Xin – EthSign, Yajin – Blocksec, Yisi – Mask. The event also invited ecosystem partners such as Altlayer, Arweave (EverVision&PermaDAO), Mask and NextID.

BlockBooster is excited to bring together top developers and projects to converge in Hong Kong and collaborate. Drawing on successful incubation experiences guided by degen mentors, the organization will establish a streamlined and sustainable development ecosystem to provide projects for its partners and the industry. It also aims to establish strong and long-term collaborations with overseas and domestic media to promote the Hackathon as well as future Hackathon series.

For more information, visit the BlockBooster website or contact the BlockBooster team at [email protected]

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