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WazirX Marketplace Selling Olympic NFTs Featuring Mirabai Chanu

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In Brief

  • WazirX NFT Marketplace is selling a number of NFTs commemorating Indian athletes in the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo.
  • A popular muse has been Mirabai Chanu, a silver medal winning weightlifter from India.
  • Chanu became the sixth female from India to win a medal in the last 121 years.
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India’s first non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace has released a collection of art commemorating the ongoing Olympic games and silver medalist Mirabai Chanu.  

A collection of digital art is being released by various artists featuring recent silver medal winner Mirabai Chanu. Chanu, an Indian weightlifter, placed second in her class at the 2020 Summer games in Tokyo. In doing so, she becomes the sixth Indian female athlete to win a medal since 1900. 

To honor Chanu’s historic feat, creators on WazirX have minted numerous NFTs of artwork and GIFs. Perhaps, the most significant of these was created by well-known cartoonist Satish Acharya. It’s titled “A Billion Dreams,” and the listing reads “Mirabai Chanu, who managed to fulfill her dream of an Olympic medal at Tokyo 2020, was also fulfilling the dreams of a billion people.” The NFT is a GIF of Chanu lifting a bar with characters representing the population of India above her head.

The piece sold for 300 WRX ($332.10) a few hours after listing. And while that price may not seem like much considering the millions of dollars that other NFTs have gone for, keep in mind that India has a medium annual income of less than $4,000. Another piece by digital artist Monika Paul titled, “Mirabai Chanu,” sold for nearly 58 WRX. 

According to Vice President of WazirX NFT Marketplace, Vishakha Singh,

“The pandemic introduced sports activities to a standstill for many a part of 2020. Nevertheless, the Olympics this year have introduced pleasure not simply to the sports activities fans but in addition to our nation as a [whole]. Not only a week into the occasion and ladies athletes are already making headlines with their wins. To salute and honor these athletes, artists have been creating NFTs which at the moment are accessible on our platform.”

Other Tokyo Olympics NFTs

India and WazirX are not the only ones getting into the NFT game at the Olympics. Last week BeInCrypto reported that team Great Britain became the first Olympic team to create an NFT collection.

Along with designer Ben Sherman, team GB signed a deal with commerce provider Tokns that runs through the 2022 Winter Games. Tokns will provide fans with new ways to engage with the athletes they love and interact with each other. The first NFTs to be released will commemorate Max Whitlock and his double-gold medal win at the Rio games in 2016.


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