Wanda Exchange To Launch Global Crypto ATM and POS Solution

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Wanda Exchange is revolutionizing the global crypto ATM and point-of-sale (POS) systems through its namesake token, Wanda Exchange Token (WE). 



Based in Thailand, Wanda Exchange aims to shape “how people transfer payments and withdraw cash in this globalized economy.” Wanda is a leader in its home country, in terms of offering crypto payment options to individuals. It has found a way to successfully connect fiat gateways with crypto.

“It is a win-win condition for the merchants. The merchants are getting paid in their local currency and at the same time getting exposure to global business opportunities,” says the Wanda Exchange whitepaper



Wanda Exchange Token (WE)

The WE token is the native token of Wanda Exchange with the pre-sale launching officially on September 15, 2021, on the Binance Smart Chain. Now there is a private sale for the community.

The token can be purchased on PancakeSwap, double-check the contract ID here

After the 60 months token lock, WE will release its own AI blockchain solution. 

With the integrated POS, clients will pay 0% fees while using their WE for payments or fiat cash withdrawals. 

POS devices are connected to a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand, guaranteeing the safety of stakeholders’ money. 

The WE launch will enable smaller businesses to accept crypto with wildly low transaction fees. The key to this is to make crypto accessible to the majority of the public. 

“Our upcoming AI-powered smart blockchain systems provide special benefits to both seller and buyer. For the seller: our smart AI will be capable of instantly detecting the best exchanges, with minimum transaction fees saving them money. For buyers: it will enable them to make smart decisions on when to sell cryptos, making them maximum profit – all automatically,” explains Wanda Exchange. 

An example of the POS device

Wanda’s future-orientated services 

POS/ cash system 

Over a two-year period, Wanda has developed a POS/ cash system. It facilitates bitcoin (BTC) transactions as well as other cryptocurrencies for merchants with high-volume sales.

“With our payment channels, merchants do not need to understand or accept crypto itself. They can be paid in local currency by bank transfer easily. Like a credit card terminal, except way faster for receiving fiat without fees for merchants,” explains Wanda Group.

The POS solution is predominantly utilized within the real estate and investment industries because of high blockchain fees on currently accepted currencies BTC/ETH and USDT.

This issue will hopefully be resolved through the Wanda.Exchange Token so that low fee payments in the retail and hospitality industry can also utilize the POS system.

The POS device is able to connect to partnering global crypto exchanges and is in the process of being patented. 

Wanda Group has earned itself the reputation for being Thailand’s most trusted crypto payment service provider, as security and legal compliance are at the forefront of their operation. 

Customers are able to access legal assistance through the group’s lawyers throughout the sale and investment process into the platform.  

Wanda offers similar if not lower rates than Binance

Internal wallet solution

Customers will be able to receive their own wallet-card from the Wanda.Exchange ATM and withdraw cash or facilitate payments directly through the WE card.

The most prominent and exciting feature is that merchants will receive payments in their local currency, within minutes, directly into their bank account. 


Paybitcoin.in.th is Wanda Exchange’s platform that connects the global crypto holders to the real estate market in Thailand as well other industries. 

Buyers and sellers can receive local currency at guaranteed rates. It is essentially a hub for buyers to spend their crypto on tangible assets. 

The road ahead for Wanda Exchange

Wanda Exchange plans to expand its services into other countries, allowing people from around the world to send WE over the platform. 

Additionally, Wanda Exchange is working with numerous currency exchanges to install the POS system across Thailand. Individuals are able to withdraw their WE and other cryptocurrencies for cash at most currency exchanges in Thailand.

Blockchain development is currently being worked on by various advisors to create smart money transfers and withdrawals. 

“Our integrated AI will detect if a payment should be sold immediately or wait for a few minutes to be converted, guaranteeing the best rates for customers. After all BEP-20 Tokens are issued, we will switch to our own AI blockchain solution, which will then already be “trained” to participate in the worldwide money transfer market,” says Wanda Exchange. 

There are plans in place to launch a blockchain solution with integrated AI. This will help to gain a better understanding of the market as well as to procure the best exchange rates for customers. 

Wanda Exchange wants to help clients increase their profit margins by cutting transaction fees and time.

Wanda Exchange is focused on future spending habits 

Wanda Exchange wants to make crypto payments and withdrawals accessible on a large scale to those who do and do not hold cryptocurrencies. 

While operating on a large scale in Thailand, with the current focus on real estate and the investment industries, Wanda Exchange hopes to bring this payment solution to everyday merchants. 

There is a strong drive to create awareness of the financial freedom people can achieve through a digital crypto payment system to their business. 

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