Value Network Token, Vesting, and Farming Contracts Deployed on Mainnet

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Millions of enthusiasts of binary options prediction markets across the world are delighted with the deployment of Value Network token, vesting, and farming contracts, as well as successful locking of liquidity on 3 of their pairs on Uniswap. Value Network is a blockchain-based project which is looking to take binary options trading to the next level. Exasperated by the limitations of conventional prediction markets, participants were eagerly awaiting the launch of Value Network.

Value Network is a blockchain based project which is looking to take binary options trading to the next level. Exasperated by the limitations of conventional prediction markets, participants were eagerly awaiting for the launch of Value Network.

Talking about the developments, Mr. Artem Levin, the founder of Value Network stated, “What we are focused on is to resolve Binary Options’ industry’s main problems at one go. As anyone who has experienced binary options might be knowing, lack of transparency has been a big problem in the vertical. All the prevalent binary options platforms have been doing is to fool the investors and grow at their cost. The coffers of these platforms have swollen on the funds of poor investors.”

The addresses of various contracts are undergiven:
Token (VNTW) official address — 0xd0f05D3D4e4d1243Ac826d8c6171180c58eaa9BC

Vesting contract official address — 0xd39d9Cd4651A6C050Bd4F3c01070909D80BC131F

Farming contract official address — 0xf71d9a8d70df39dacbd296b98c9b73998ec8fd8e#writeContract

In the liquidity reward program of Value Network the rewards obtained by liquidity providers is proportional to the percentage of the liquidity in the pool at each block rather than the stake provided. The bigger stake in the pair’s liquidity pool will get the providers a bigger reward. 1% of the total tokens will be distributed to the investors in the first month.

Three cryptocurrency pairs ETH/VNTW, DAI/VNTW, and UNI/VNTW are currently available on Uniswap, and more will follow.

Value Network allows users to put the bets against each other on the Ethereum blockchain, thus enabling them to compete against each other in a transparent manner. This eliminates any conflict of interest between the platform and the traders, bringing in total transparency.

As the platform is decentralized, there is no way a central authority could interfere in the process and ingest it with prejudice. Unlike the traditional binary options brokers that earn on people’s losses, Value Network makes its earnings from commissions.

For price feeds, Value Network sources data from Chainlink, a decentralized oracle, which can be trusted for reliable, tamper-proof inputs.

Contrary to the currently prevalent blockchain prediction platforms, UI interfaces are stunningly clear and engaging. The visual experience Value Network introduces the participants makes them feel what they expect on a web 3.0 property. Moreover, traders can view for themselves how the outcome probabilities influence the bet changes in price.

With some additional fee, they may replace their bets at any time.
In Q1 2021, the platform plans to stream down solutions such as blockchain-based referral systems on Polkadot or Binance chain, which would certainly boost user adoption further down the year.

Discussing the utilities of the VNTW token, the cryptocurrency of the platform Mr. Levin chipped in, “The token provides you exclusive access to the exclusive markets and provides you advertising possibilities on the platform. Paying your commissions on the trades in VNTW token results in the lowering of commissions. It facilitates pre-timing escape of the deal and allows you to stake your tokens for liquidity mining.

VNTW token is essential for creating new markets. It also opens up the door of P2P fiat to crypto exchange platforms. I’m sure more utilities of the token will emerge with time.”

About Value Network

A decentralized binary options platform and exchange, Value Network allows users to make bets against each other, not against the broker. Founded by Artem Levin in 2018, the Value Network project dabbled in crypto-backed loans on Ethereum smart-contracts. In its current version, however, Value Network has chosen for itself a new vector of development – Binary options. The platform is focused on resolving the issues which were plaguing the conventional prediction markets.

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