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UXLINK Launches AIRDROP2049 with OKX Ventures, Web3Port, Trusta, and 50+ Leading Web3 Projects

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As TOKEN2049 commenced in Dubai on April 18th, the digital landscape witnessed another significant event in the realm of Web3 technology. AIRDROP2049 was officially launched at 20:49 Standard Time (GMT+1) on the same day, signaling the start of an immersive online journey for users worldwide.

AIRDROP2049, an initiative spearheaded by the renowned social platforms UXLINK in collaboration with OKX Ventures, Web3port, and Trusta Labs, has been launched with a spectacular display of cooperation involving more than 50 leading Web3 projects. This event presents an opportunity for participants to receive rewards amounting to $100,000 USDT in addition to tokens valued at $100,000 USD, with the goal of involving over 1 million users and fostering dynamic interactions within the Web3 community.

According to the insights from the person in charge of several participating projects, AIRDROP2049’s mechanism is indeed highly appealing. By participating just once, users gain access to a diverse range of benefits from 50 reputable Web3 projects. These benefits include standard task airdrops, invitation rewards, and ranking rewards, with additional subtask incentives tailored to specific projects. Moreover, this event is backed by the UXLINK RWS protocol, operating at both the Social Graph and data levels, and nurtured by the supportive UXLINK community.

Participating projects span a wide spectrum of sectors including the BTC ecosystem, AI, DeFi, GameFi, Infrastructure, and SocialFi. The project names including but not limited to:

  • BTC ecosystem: B² Network, Satoshi Protocol, Tuna Chain, Master Protocol, Bitlayer, BVM, Hiveswap, Merlinswap, Avalon Finance, Babylon.
  • AI: ALIENX, CharacterX, Alaya, LayerNet, EdgeMatrix Computing, Solidus Ai Tech, SOAI_web3, Eternal AI, Pond.
  • DeFi: TonUP, Premius Market, PixelSwap, Nektar Network, Bevmswap, Mushroom Finance, DEGO Finance, SynFutures, Puffer Finance.
  • Infrastructure: ZKFair, 0xScope, OKX Ventures, UXLINK, Airdrop2049, Xircus, AgentLayer,  Wormhole.
  • GameFi: The Animal Age, RobinFi, WowFish, Taki Games, NexGami, Space Nation, Cellula, Xterio, Ultiverse, Fusionist, Marblex.
  • SocialFi: De.Fi, LFG!, LightCycle, Cryfi, SoMon, Web3Port.

Furthermore, AIRDROP2049 aims to foster collaboration and innovation within a diversified ecosystem. This collaborative spirit is further amplified by the inclusive nature of the UXLINK community, which values transparency, openness, and shared growth.

AIRDROP2049 symbolizes more than just a single event, it marks a pivotal moment in the continuous advancement of Web3 technology. 

Join to seize the opportunity to access exclusive airdrops from over 50 leading crypto projects. Visit website to participate.

About AIRDROP2049

AIRDROP2049 is a Dapp which is designed for linking leading crypto projects and users, aiming to be the key player of Web3 mass adoptions. It is incubated by the UXLINK community as part of UXLINK social ecosystem.

UXLINK is an innovative web3 social platform designed for mass adoption, aiming to be the largest web3 social network and social infrastructure for Dapps and developers. In contrast to most web3 social projects that often form following/one-way relationships, UXLINK focuses on real-world social/two-ways relationship and enables real-time interactions between users with users, Dapps with users by innovative Groups tools and protocols.

Contact Details: AIRDROP2049 Web | AIRDDROP2049 Twitter | UXLINK Web | UXLINK Twitter | UXLINK Telegram

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