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Undeads Metaverse is Leading Web3’s GameFi Revolution

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The future is GameFi.

Or at least, that’s what we’ve been hearing for the past four years. But there are times when it feels like we’ve barely made any progress into that future.

Sure, there have been a handful of GameFi experiences on offer. But they’re graphically dated. And their gameplay makes Pong look like a AAA title. In other words, they’re heavy on the ‘Fi’ and weak on the ‘Game.’

If the GameFi revolution is going to arrive, it needs some real, compelling games pushing it forward.

That’s where Undeads Metaverse comes in.

What is Undeads Metaverse?

Undeads Metaverse is a unique gaming experience that prioritizes fun and highly polished gameplay. Unlike many play-to-earn games that just stuff play-to-earn mechanics into a game, Undeads Metaverse is developed with the goal of creating a genuinely enjoyable game. To achieve this, the creators behind Undeads Metaverse have partnered with top names in the industry, including Warner Brothers and Wabi Sabi Sound.

The result of a $4 million investment and over a year of development, Undeads Metaverse is poised to be a truly immersive experience. To enhance the gaming experience, the developers are also creating a VR social hub where players can hang out, play VR games, and earn real money. This VR hub sets Undeads Metaverse apart from its competitors, making it a truly unique gaming experience.

Over 70 developers are working tirelessly to create an enjoyable and immersive game that features play-to-earn mechanics that fit naturally within the game world. The team is also taking full advantage of its partnerships with BrightNode and Machinations to ensure that the blockchain side of the experience is just as polished as the gameplay.

New players can join the Undeads Metaverse easily without having to go through any complicated processes. Novice players don’t even need to purchase an NFT to get started, making it just as easy to pick up and play as any game available on PC or Mac.

How will Undeads Metaverse Work?

In Undeads Metaverse, players enter a post-apocalyptic world where they must align with either humans or zombies. They engage in battles and compete for resources, territory, and more.

In-game characters, both human and zombie, are unique NFTs that can be owned. 

Players can mint new character NFTs by breeding male and female zombies to create “zombabies.” In addition to new characters, players can earn various rewards. Undeads Metaverse offers PvP and PvE mechanics, providing various ways to engage in combat. Players can also gather resources, craft equipment, and explore new territories. 

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Players will also be able to grind for resources, craft, and optimize their equipment. They’ll be able to explore uncharted territories, defend settlements, own land, and more. And more entrepreneurial players will have the chance to construct commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Undeads Metaverse will have something for every kind of player.

Why GameFi?

Leo Kahn, the CEO of Undeads said:

“Web3 gaming has the potential to revolutionize the industry, but it must adapt and improve in order to thrive. In the current market, it’s essential to offer players a seamless and enjoyable experience through solid game design, a well-crafted and fine-tuned game economy, and gameplay mechanics that rival those of traditional games. Without these elements, Web3 gaming risks becoming obsolete. At Undeads, we are committed to pushing the boundaries and leading the charge in the evolution of Web3 gaming.”

Kahn, formerly an executive with Paypal, has used his connections in the industry to bring an international team of industry pros on board with Undeads. Their backgrounds range in everything from traditional gaming to FinTech, Web3 technologies, and more. It’s the kind of diverse group that has the potential to take full advantage of the growing GameFi sector.

Over the past several years, GameFi has grown alongside other blockchain-powered products and services. But GameFi has yet to break into the mainstream like cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The unstoppable force of Undeads Metaverse is ready to ignite the spark that propels GameFi towards unparalleled success.

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