Toon Finance’s Ethereum PancakeSwap Version To Raise 10M in Presale

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7 October 2022, 09:00 GMT+0000
7 October 2022, 09:00 GMT+0000

Toon Finance is set to climb the charts in the upcoming new year as they are set to raise a whopping 10 million in their presale. 

Elon Musk once said, “Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is a disaster” With that being said this has been long overdue.

The team of blockchain professionals have a sweet tooth, and they are looking to cook up an exclusive DEX for users on the Ethereum blockchain. 

What is Toon Finance? Why all the hype?

Have you heard of Pancakeswap on the Binance smart chain network? Of course, we all have. Toon Finance is bringing just that to the Ethereum Network, but even better. Lottery, Trading, Bridging, and Space Battles. Providing a safe environment for players to conduct PVP Coin Flips and Checkers with more to come.

Using SHA256 encryption with provably fair to ensure transparency between players, and recently listed on CoinMarketCap listed here, this is one platform I wouldn’t pass up.

This is a lot like PancakeSwap, except that PancakeSwap only services the BNB chain. The Ethereum chain has needed this innovative offer for quite some time now.

With Toon Finance already making a name for itself, all you Ethereum lovers are in for a treat. Ethereum is one of the most successful crypto blockchains to date. 

Ethereum came prior to Binance and has led the market to be the 1st to offer NFTs with their ERC721 NFT chain. NFTs have made such a huge name for themselves with tons of celebrities owning them, like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Madonna, to name a few. As a matter of fact, Snoop Dogg

created his own NFT game on the ERC721 blockchain. You can check the collection out on Sandbox and Opensea

So many famous people are entering the crypto/defi space. It is the future. Defi is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. With the wavy markets lately, everyone is looking for a great project.

Toon finance is said to have more features than an iPhone. That was a joke lol. All I am saying is that they have quite a lot to offer, sheesh. Web3 is the future. Keep up with me now. 

Toon Finance has a special treat for all of you NFT lovers. The team announced that they will be releasing a cute collection of 10,000 unique Toony NFTs. These cute and cuddly characters can be Airdropped to your wallet just for being one of the first 1,000. 

These cuddly characters will be airdropped to Toon Finances holders. Hurry up as you are not going to want to miss out! Since they are absolutely free, the 1st 1,000 will go quickly. 

Toon Finance is offering so much more than PancakeSwap by the action steps they have proven this far. Ethereum has been needing a DEX swap that offers farming pools, staking pools, play to earn, and more. This is going to be the future and will forever change the ERC20 blockchain. 

Toon Finance Space Farms: Here’s a quick rundown of how it works. When you stake your crypto in a space pool, you become a farmer. Your job is to lend your crypto assets to the pool so that they can be used to mint new coins.

 In exchange for your contribution, you’ll earn a reward based on the size of your stake and the length of time you contribute to the pool. The larger your stake and the longer you stay in the pool, the more rewards you’ll earn! 

Toon Finance has announced that they will be adding a play-to-earn feature to the gaming section, and this should be released in due time. The team is very active on Telegram and Twitter, and you can find them making updates to their website daily. The website is full of beautiful artwork and lots of cute, cuddly memish characters. They are honestly pretty cute and inviting. 

Toon Finance studied current P2E Games & concepts and identified a key inconsistency so they have said that they decided to build upon that flaw and make a diamond shine. Introducing P2E with Player vs Player Battle Grounds. 

Players will be able to join the space grounds battle lobby to queue up against other players in a decentralized queue system and game mechanics that are provably fair while being SHA256 encrypted. This actually sounds pretty cool. 

How to purchase Toon Finance?

You will first need to start with getting the best possible wallet to store your ERC20 TFT tokens in. The recommended wallet would be a Meta Mask wallet if you are using your PC browser and Trust Wallet if you are using your mobile device. 

Once you have gone ahead and installed your wallet, you will now be ready to load your wallet with Ethereum. Ethereum is the currency in this case.

You can purchase Eth from exchanges like coinbase or you can go through changelly. These are both great options. You may have to make an account using your email address. 

Once you have an account, it is smooth sailing from here. Awesome, you now have your eth. You are now ready to go grab your Toon Finance tokens. Go to the website and click on “Presale.”Find the presale link here.

Once you have connected your wallet, you simply click buy now and you are on your way to Toon Space. 

Toon Finance is on its way to raising a 10,000,000 USD presale and they are just getting started. Through and through, this looks to be a really good start for the team. 

How to toon in? 

The crew is always on the hunt for new meme friends, so don’t forget to drop memes in their chat and see if you can’t get a good kick out of the toon army. You can follow them on Twitter or you can find them on Telegram. 

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