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The LAO Unveils Institutional Neptune DAO to Foster DeFi Liquidity

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In Brief

  • A new DAO for accredited investors introduced.
  • DAO governance for liquidity provision provided.
  • Neptune represents institutional-grade DeFi.
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A new institutional-standard decentralized autonomous organization has been developed with a focus on providing DeFi and blockchain projects with much needed liquidity.

The LAO (Limited Liability Autonomous Organization) is OpenLaw’s for-profit DAO. Announced in September 2019, the LAO is used to fund Ethereum startups and DeFi protocols.

It’s been working on over 40 projects. It develops regulatory and legally compliant DAOs acting as a bridge between traditional legal regimes and the Ethereum world.

Neptune DAO acts as an extension of the LAO by leveraging the knowledge, expertise, and backgrounds of its members. This is to ensure DeFi protocols get the support they need, the announcement added.

The Accredited Neptune Collective

The new Neptune DAO will identify and provide opportunities for liquidity pools and liquidity providers. Members of Neptune can pool their capital and identify which projects to support and what investment strategies to engage in.

Members will be able to propose and vote on any strategies through the DAO’s governance protocols. If approved, the strategy will be executed by Sam Cassatt, former CSO of ConsenSys, and his newly formed Aligned Capital.

Membership to the institutional-grade Neptune DAO enables members to vet and identify emerging opportunities in the DeFi space. Beyond that, they can mutualize gas costs, and save time when it comes to staking, claiming, and re-staking assets.

Neptune DAO will launch publicly on April 2 and will stay open until 70 members join. However, existing members of The LAO and its NFTfocused FlamingoDAO can make contributions beforehand. Membership does not come cheap and will cost a “contribution” between $107,000 and $960,000 at current ETH prices.

“Each member will have the opportunity to contribute 60 ether to receive 100,000 units in Neptune. Up to 900,000 units or 540 ether per member.”

Institutional DeFi Arrives

The product provides an ecosystem for institutional investors by allowing them to vote on the DeFi projects that they want to invest in. The announcement concluded:

“DeFi has taken many members of the Ethereum ecosystem to new stratospheres. But, the quest to rebuild the commercial world is just beginning.”

It’s a testament to how much and how quickly the DeFi sector has grown over the past year. We’ve gone from DeFi farmers pumping and dumping tokens to ETH whales collaborating on the best yield generating opportunities in the fledgling financial landscape.


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