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Ternio’s ERC-20 TERN Token Listed On Global Crypto Exchange Bibox

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Updated by Kyle Baird
ATLANTA, GA – August 10, 2020 – Ternio’s ERC-20 payment token TERN, has been listed by the global cryptocurrency exchange, Bibox. This news comes two months after Ternio’s announcement that they would be burning ten percent of the TERN supply, previously hosted on the Stellar Network, and making it available as an ERC-20 asset. Since the Ethereum based coins were first migrated in June, they have been listed on Idex and Uniswap, but the listing of TERN on Bibox marks the first adoption by a major crypto exchange. As of Wednesday, August 12, 2020 users will be able to purchase and trade TERN on Bibox. Our ultimate goal is to drive adoption of TERN and usage of Ternio products like BlockCard, and adding TERN to exchanges like Bibox goes a long way in promoting the Ternio brand. This is what we envisioned when we made an ERC-20 version of TERN available earlier this year. Bibox will help us improve our company’s visibility and with our products reaching Asia Pacific by the end of the year, the timing couldn’t be better.” -Ian Kane, COO & Founder, TERNIO Ternio’s decision to migrate 100,000,000 TERN to the Ethereum blockchain was based on expanding the asset’s availability. With over 100 million wallets, the Ethereum blockchain is the second-largest by market cap and provided the Ternio team with the opportunity to open up to a bigger community. While the Ternio platform was built on the Stellar Network, improving TERN’s ease-of-access continues to be a driving factor for the Ternio team. For users more familiar with the original token, the Stellar and ERC-20 versions of TERN will function interoperably on the Blockcard platform in the future, with the option to choose which version you want to use TERN was created to be the payment token on all of Ternio’s products, which can be white-labeled by any company interested in being its own bank and offering products like crypto debit cards and bank accounts. Ternio’s own platform, Blockcard, serves as a use-case for their ever-expanding suite of products. Currently, users can register for a BlockCard to easily spend the cryptocurrency of their choice and the recent release of Bank Accounts make it easy for users to move in and out of crypto seamlessly. Ternio is continuing to focus on accessibility and opening up to larger markets. The Blockcard platform aims to provide true crypto-friendly banking services and has plans to release their crypto debit card and bank accounts in APAC by the end of 2020. 

About BlockCard:

BlockCard allows people to buy what they want with crypto at over 50 million merchants worldwide.  The BlockCard platform is more than just a crypto debit card. It’s an evolving suite of tools that makes it easier, faster, and more convenient for users to purchase cryptocurrency and use it in their daily life.  Today, the BlockCard debit card is the most efficient way to make a purchase with crypto or convert crypto to cash at ATMs.  Within minutes a user can create a BlockCard account, deposit 12+ cryptocurrencies in 1 transaction, pass KYC, and immediately get a virtual card to use while a physical card is mailed to them.

About Ternio:

Ternio is a global fintech platform built on blockchain.  Ternio’s platform connects traditional enterprise, fintech, banking, systems with blockchain infrastructure giving real-world utility to digital assets.  Our products, like BlockCard, enable instant remittance and the transfer of value on blockchain rails in a compliant and regulated environment. Ternio Press and Media Assets Contact: [email protected]


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