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Teritori: Connecting Tribes on a Multi-chain Hub

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Discover Teritori, the new Cosmos SDK-based social hub.

Teritori in a nutshell

Teritori is both a new blockchain and a multi-chain hub designed to allow IBC and non-IBC communities to connect, create groups, exchange services, and NFTs, launch new projects, and expand existing ones.

The hub includes dApps for everyday use, such as a launchpad and a multi-chain NFT marketplace, as well as social features for individuals and DAOs.

Teritori Network

As a blockchain-based on the Cosmos SDK, Teritori has its own governance token: the TORI.

Among other things, TORI will allow token holders to vote on the network’s strategic directions. The token will also allow contributors to propose the integration of new features or dApps within the Hub after the launch.

Below is a diagram that summarizes the different uses of the token:

The Hub

One of the first features that will be released is the Teritori Name Service, which will allow you to display a @pseudo.tori on your profile that you can use anywhere on the hub. Other name services will also be integrated over time.

Teritori aims to make it easier and more attractive for builders and DAOs to launch their projects with its multi-chain approach.

The first projects to be launched will be on the Teritori network and other networks like Ethereum and Solana will be added over time to foster cross-network collaborations.

Among the main dApps that will be available on Teritori from the launch is its NFT marketplace. This will allow creators to list their collections on the same networks as the launchpad and, over time, more features will be added to provide personalized experiences for buyers and holders.

By focusing on the quality of the listed projects, the marketplace could help volume-limited networks to attract more attention to their projects as we have already seen on other marketplaces.

Let’s now talk about the social features offered by the hub and in particular the notions of profile and social feed.

Profile management will be an important part of Teritori. As stated in the whitepaper, “We believe that the Web3 identity can become more than a PFP and a follower count.”

First of all, the approach the core team has opted for is to allow anyone to connect addresses from different networks to keep track of each asset, allowing for a complete experience without the need to jump from one website to another.

Allow users and communities to manage their private and public profiles to keep control over how much information they are willing to post.

Over time, users will also be able to personalize their experience by selecting the dApps they are most interested in to display on their personal hub.

Finally, Teritori plans to introduce experience and skill certification systems to improve coordination and make it easier for teams to find the next talent to hire and work with.

The social feed will allow us to share our ideas and interact with the DAOs as well as with the users we follow.

Teritori also offers a job board to publish or apply for a job and facilitates matchmaking between organizations and individuals to help launch projects.

Finally, Teritori uses the Berty protocol to offer a decentralized alternative to the existing Web2 communication tools we all use daily and to propose token-gated groups.


Teritori is about to go mainnet and an airdrop, a great tradition of the Cosmos ecosystem has been announced. 70 million TORI will be distributed to 4 different groups:

Atom holders

A snapshot was taken at the same time as the GNØ snapshot on May 20th, 2022 at 8:00 UTC.

Eligible addresses will be announced very soon.

The R!ot NFT holders

The R!ot is the first NFT collection to launch on the Teritori network and naturally, the holders will be eligible for a part of the airdrop.

NFT holders on other Cosmos networks

To top it off, Teritori will allow holders of other Cosmos NFTs to claim a portion of the airdrop. Indeed, part of the airdrop will be reserved for holders of several collections, including Orbital Apes on Evmos.

Finally, the top 500 games of Teritori

Game of Teritori, a game launched by the core team to involve the community in the marketing development of the project will reward the top 500 most active players.

The R!ot

In addition to the launch of the chain and the Hub, Teritori has announced the launch of “The R!ot” project, the first NFT collection to be released on the network.

Not much has been revealed yet, but it seems that holders could benefit from rewards and that the lore will be at the center of this adventure.

Social channels:

Linktree | Website | Whitepaper | Medium | Twitter | The R!ot Twitter | Discord


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