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TaskChain: A World First Quest2Earn Web3 Platform Launches Presale

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TaskChain, a groundbreaking Web3 project, has just announced the launch of its presale today. This new development comes prior to the introduction of TaskChain’s innovative platform which is set to transform the way users earn income online. 

For early investors, the news about TaskChain’s presale launch is another exciting opportunity to be part of a new Web3 platform’s journey. 

With a vision to empower individuals worldwide, TaskChain combines Web3 technology with GameFi features with the ultimate goal of creating a virtual space where everyone can easily find diverse opportunities for extra income as they collaborate with others.

What Is TaskChain’s Mission?

At its core, TaskChain champions the financial inclusion of the masses through fun and user-friendly Web3 features. The platform has the potential to level the playing field, especially for low-income regions, thanks to the Quests, digital jobs, or one-time gigs that users can take on to earn cryptocurrency rewards on the platform.

Each “Quest” fulfillment is supported by video game mechanics with plans to introduce VR/AR features into the platform for a more immersive experience for users in the future. 

Simply put, each “Quest” on TaskChain’s “Quest2Earn” feature breaks down everyday tasks into a game-like experience where users who fulfill these tasks get to earn XP points as they level up and collect rewards. 

The rewards are paid in TaskChain’s native token called $TASKC.

In contrast to other similar platforms, TaskChain stands out as a true pioneer in the Web3 space. 

Unlike traditional microtask platforms, TaskChain’s Quest2Earn feature brings the thrill of gaming to real-life tasks, making the earning process enjoyable. By providing a wide range of Quests and Quest2Earn functions tailored to individual preferences, TaskChain ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or location, can participate and earn rewards. 

This inclusive approach empowers users from all walks of life to access valuable income opportunities and take charge of their financial futures.

How TaskChain works

As mentioned earlier, Quest2Earn is at the heart of TaskChain’s platform. Inspired by popular video game quests, Quest2Earn offers a dynamic and engaging earning experience, allowing users to boost their income, regardless of their location or skills.

Quest2Earn presents a wide array of exciting quests, each tailored to individual interests and categorized into various themes such as shopping, traveling, learning, trading, events, etc. By completing these and many other tasks within these quests, users not only earn cryptocurrency rewards but also gain experience (XP) points to level up and unlock milestone rewards, making the earning process enjoyable and rewarding.

Tom Klein, CEO of TaskChain, said:

“TaskChain’s Quest2Earn is a game-changer, transforming mundane tasks into exciting opportunities to earn income while having fun. We believe in providing diverse earning opportunities for our users and creating a vibrant community where collaboration and support thrive.”

TaskChain Presale

TaskChain is set for kick-off with a listing price of $0.011 per TASKC token. With a current beta-stage price set at $0.004 per token, the 175% price difference marks the first phase of the presale. Early investors can participate in funding the project in an earlier price tranche.

TaskChain has confirmed it has successfully passed a full security audit and KYC, providing extra security for investors.

There is also a massive giveaway of $120,000 in rewards for presale participants to spice up involvement in the presale.

$TASKC Token

$TASKC ERC20 token, the lifeblood of TaskChain, is built on the most popular Ethereum Blockchain, which will provide transparency, security, and fast payouts with valuable rewards.

With a total supply of 4 billion $TASKC tokens, scarcity, and value are baked into $TASKC’s design, the presale will give investors a chance to grab a share of 2.8 billion tokens spread across all the 11 exclusive stages.

About TaskChain:

TaskChain is set to build the world’s first unique Web3 earning platform. By combining a fun experience with crypto earnings and financial inclusion, TaskChain’s Quest2Earn feature will revolutionize the way individuals earn income and interact with blockchain technology. To get involved with TaskChain, visit the official website at and join the growing community.

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