Swaps.app Launches New Platform to Simplify Crypto Buying

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The barriers to purchasing Bitcoin with fiat currency are now at an all-time low with the introduction of Swaps.app, a new service that delivers instant cash-to-cryptocurrency conversions.



Swaps.app brings the ease of token swapping services like Uniswap to the cryptocurrency purchasing experience, offering low commissions and a faster transaction experience than any comparable service. 

Swaps.app is already in a league of its own in terms of what it offers the public: a seamless buy/sell functionality, three-minute transaction times, and the licensure of an EU-regulated company. For those who wish to purchase larger amounts of coins, the KYC process takes an average of three minutes to complete.



Currently the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency exchange registration process has traditionally been a cumbersome, lengthy experience and prevents many from participating in cryptocurrency investing. Other fiat-to-crypto currency exchange services frequently charge exorbitant fees or can take weeks to process transactions. With one of the lowest fees in the industry and a hassle-free KYC registration system, Swaps.app is transforming the way people think about purchasing cryptocurrency, offering them opportunities previously non-existent. 

Payment methods accepted by Swaps.app include most Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards. Cryptocurrencies currently available for purchase include Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). Purchases can be made in varying amounts, up to €1,000 per month. For developers and merchants who wish to accept cryptocurrency, Swaps.app has a convenient order widget that can be integrated into any webpage with a few clicks.

A robust, fully-secured platform

Swaps.app is available to customers in over 160 countries and offers 24/7 customer support, worldwide. Transactions performed on Swaps.app employ price execution from top liquidity providers to assure their customers get the best price possible for their purchase. After a transaction has been completed, cryptocurrency funds are usually deposited to the customer’s wallet within 15 minutes.

In addition to being operated by a licensed company, orders processed by Swaps.app are secure and legally compliant, conducted as full 3-DS V2 secure transactions. Card purchases that use PCI DSS Level 1 certification are authorized by code and verified by Visa or Mastercard ID Check.

About Swaps.app

Swaps.app is a simple, secure service for accessing cryptocurrency and is owned and operated by Octo Liquidity, a company registered in Tallinn, Estonia. While the company will support customers from 160+ countries, its service is expected to be restricted in a number of countries.

For more information about Swaps.app, visit the website’s Help Center or contact them via email here.


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