StormGain Review: the Crypto Exchange With Something for Everyone

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StormGain is a crypto exchange platform that distinguishes itself by offering high leverage of 300x, a sleek mobile app, and a range of features designed to quickly onboard new users to the cryptocurrency space and reward active traders. Its intentions are clear: to make crypto trading accessible for everyone.



To do this, StormGain will have to offer something that makes things easy for beginners but also keeps things interesting for experts. In this review, we’ll look at how well it tackles this delicate balancing act.

Getting Started


Registering with StormGain is quick and painless. By downloading the mobile app or visiting the website, you can sign up by simply creating a username and password. The whole process takes just a few seconds, and, as a new user, you get full access to the platform and a demo account to experiment with trading. To start trading for real, you’ll just need to deposit the equivalent of 50 UDST or more to your wallet to have access to the full range of crypto instruments and trading features.


Registration on StormGain is simple and fast

Unfortunately, using StormGain is not so easy if you live in the United States, Canada, Japan, or the handful of other countries where the service doesn’t operate. But because StormGain is active in over 100 countries at the time of writing, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to register if you don’t live in that small number of countries.

Onboarding and Support

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more and more popular, and the crypto-curious may well take their first steps into the world of digital assets via an online exchange. StormGain lives up to its promise of being beginner-friendly, thanks to a comprehensive education program that includes video tutorials, articles, an extensive FAQ section, and webinar programs.

The aforementioned demo account comes with 50,000 USDT to practice with. That’s plenty of money to experiment with trades big and small. Anyone new to cryptocurrency or online trading, in general, has everything they need to prepare themselves for the real thing. If there are issues, StormGain’s support team can be reached 24/7 via the live chat button.

Funding and Withdrawal

Before trading, you’ll have to put some capital into the platform to get started. StormGain makes it relatively easy to move money in and out of the system. Once you log into the platform, you can directly transfer crypto or buy your desired coins with a credit/debit card or bank transfer. There are no deposit fees, and transactions are processed via Koinal, a low-cost payment service favored in the FinTech sector.

Withdrawal fees are a small fixed amount, 0.1% at most

Withdrawals are straightforward and secured by two-factor authentication for extra safety. In addition to being able to withdraw to crypto wallets, users can also directly withdraw to a bank account in fiat currency. There are withdrawal fees and minimums to be aware of, though nothing out of the ordinary for an online exchange.

Main Functions

Crypto Exchange

StormGain has nine built-in crypto wallets for the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and Tether (USDT), Zcash (ZEC), Dash, and XLM (Stellar). All these cryptocurrencies can be exchanged quickly and easily with just the tap of a button.

Exchange fees are low

Crypto Trading

Trades can be opened with 50 trading pairs for just a 10 USDT minimum with up to 300x leverage, one of StormGain’s biggest advantages over the competition and a draw for more experienced crypto traders who aren’t afraid to make big moves.

StormGain’s main trading platform

The platform features customizable trading signals to keep up with market sentiment. StormGain claims that their data shows a 65% success rate for in-app signals.

In addition, the trading platform features automated tools such as stop-loss, take-profit, and other orders to make sure you stay in control of your trades.

StormGain also offers a range of altcoins as trading instruments: Iota, Tron, Dash, and many others. Another interesting option is crypto indices: users can buy into an index of cryptocurrencies, selecting from a basket of the top crypto coins or a wider range. This offers a safer investment option than speculating on individual coins and opens up new strategic possibilities.

Crypto Hodling

Users who wish to hodl their cryptocurrency over a longer period will be pleased to know that StormGain keeps most assets in cold storage for extra security. Active traders can also earn interest of up to 12% APR on their crypto holdings via the StormGain Loyalty program detailed below.

User Experience


The dark grey and green color scheme dominate the StormGain interface, in both the web and mobile versions. It may call to mind that old-school Matrix hacker look, but the high-contrast palette actually makes it easy to pick out information on the screen.

StormGain is available as both a web platform and mobile app. It has to be said that the mobile version is easier on the eyes, even if the smaller screen displays less information. Still, we prefer the app for visual experience and layout.

The analytical charts available on StormGain can be customized to show bars, candles, lines, and others over selected periods and with different focal points, providing everything you need for a visual market overview.

Plenty of chart customization options

Training and Education

StormGain’s built-in educational materials are among the best we’ve ever seen. Accessible from the platform, videos explain basics like how to navigate StormGain, execute orders, differentiate cryptocurrencies, and make deposits and withdrawals, among other things. There are also videos with advanced advice for long- and short-term trading strategies. They include tutorials on how to interpret the charts and use them to trade effectively, such as how to read candlesticks and use timeframes. In addition, there are daily video updates on the most notable market trends. Whatever your current familiarity level with crypto trading is, the chances are that there will be something for you to learn here.

Commissions and Fees

As we were testing out StormGain, we were pleasantly surprised to see that fees are on the low end of the market. Using the demo account is a fair way to find out how much these costs affect your profit. In either case, all the numbers are displayed upfront before you confirm a trade.

The average commissions on StormGain are generally competitive for the market

Other Unique Features

Loyalty Program

The StormGain Loyalty program is one of the platform’s more attractive advantages. It offers a scheme of perks that are unlocked by user activity: the more you trade and exchange, the higher you can go (Gold, Platinum, VIP, etc.). Each level comes with extra bonuses, such as discounts on commissions, deposit bonuses, and interest on your crypto holdings.

StormGain’s Loyalty Programme can be worth the investment, even at lower levels

By actively trading on StormGain, one can quickly accrue additional bonuses that make it more rewarding in the long term. Even advanced, successful crypto traders will feel there is something to aim for.

Cloud Miner

StormGain has a unique selling point to distinguish it from the competition via its in-house cloud miner. Users can log in to the cloud miner and earn crypto passively just by being online on the platform. The StormGain cloud miner doesn’t use any resources from the user’s device. It’s a nice incentive to keep users engaged and safer than paying for other cloud mining services, which charge the user a fee, often with no guarantee of returns.

Mining rewards vary by Loyalty status

StormGain’s cloud miner is almost free money. The only thing the company asks is that the user stays engaged with the platform. Gaining a little more crypto in exchange for attention isn’t a bad deal in our books.

Referral Bonuses

StormGain also encourages community-based activity. For example, you can refer a friend to the platform and earn 15% of all the commissions your referral pays and the amounts they withdraw from miner for an unlimited time. That’s easy money as long as your friends keep using the service. StormGain also regularly hosts trading competitions or other contests for special prizes, either bonus funds or football-related.


Football is a big part of StormGain’s branding and ethos, and the crypto exchange has a history of partnering with top-tier football clubs. StormGain previously partnered with Newcastle United FC, and now works with Italian football legends S.S. Lazio to offer a range of attractive prizes for football fans.

By participating in StormGain’s promotions, clients can win prizes such as Lazio signed balls and jerseys, VIP tickets to Lazio home matches, private tours of Stadio Olimpico, and meet-and-greets with players. It’s not essential to StormGain’s role as a crypto app, but it’s still a nice little extra for sports fans.


Overall, we would say that StormGain certainly deserves your consideration. It’s easy to learn but also has significant bonuses for advanced traders who trade often and with larger amounts since they will gain perks that make the platform an even better value.

The main downsides are that it is not available in North America, that the highest leverage option is limited to the most popular coins and that transactions with bank cards have higher commissions than purely crypto-based ones.

None of these is a deal-breaker, in our opinion. High leverage should only be used carefully, and the use of cryptocurrency should be encouraged. If the perks we’ve discussed so far sound good, then StormGain might just be the right crypto platform for you.


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