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Solana Price Skywards As Metacade’s Presale Continues to Rocket

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  • The BONK meme is up over 10,000% from the end of 2022, driving recovery for Solana
  • Hotly anticipated MCADE token launch looks set to post major gains
  • Analysis and debate: Will MCADE perform better than BONK and SOL over the coming years?

In the wake of the FTX collapse, a contagion spread through the crypto market. Few projects were harmed as badly as Solana, but now the Solana price prediction is beginning to recover thanks to the new Bonk meme coin.

Recent Solana news has come to light that could change the fortunes of the Solana price prediction and the long-term price action for the Bonk meme community. While volatility continues to affect the Solana ecosystem, Metacade is steadily attracting major hype, and the project could be a key player in driving a recovery in the wider crypto markets.

Bullish Solana news and continued success for both Metacade and the Bonk meme coin

The Solana price prediction is improving after some major Solana news came to light regarding the Bonk meme coin. The Bonk meme has brought an increasing number of users back to the Solana network after it began to flatline towards the end of 2022.

With recent Solana news bringing more activity back to the blockchain and Vitalik Buterin saying that Solana has a big future ahead of it in December 2022, the future of Solana is looking up thanks to a vastly experienced team of developers. This bullish Solana news, coupled with the emergence of the Bonk meme coin, has improved the long-term Solana price prediction.

Elsewhere in Web3, Metacade continues to attract widespread investment as its presale has now entered the final stage. The MCADE token has raised $12.8m in just 17 weeks and has been showing consistent promise since the FTX collapse in November.

What is BONK?

The Bonk meme coin is built on Solana. The token has been designed to generate more liquidity for decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on the network. It’s a community-driven initiative that has exploded as bullish Solana news surfaced, helping the Solana ecosystem to recover from poor price action in the 2022 crypto winter.

Could BONK reach $0.00001 in 2023?

Despite a major retrace, the BONK meme token is up almost 10x from its initial launch price. A key price target for BONK during 2023 is $0.00001, as more users participate in the Bonk meme to help drive a future recovery for the wider Solana ecosystem.

What is Solana?

Solana is a next-generation layer-1 blockchain. By combining proof-of-stake and proof-of-history consensus mechanisms in a unique blockchain protocol, Solana is able to deliver huge transaction throughput and sub-second transaction finality.

As well as this, Solana supports the development of decentralized applications (dApps). dApps on Solana use the Rust programming language, which allows developers to create more complex web applications when compared to Solidity – the language used in Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

What is the outlook for Sol?

The Solana outlook fell substantially after SOL plummeted to $8 in the wake of the FTX collapse. Investors were fearing that too much bearish Solana news could harm the network’s long-term future, but those fears now seem to be in the past thanks to more promising Solana news headlines.

The SOL price tripled during the recent rally, as Solana rose from $8 to $25. It will be interesting to see how Sol progresses this year. 

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the first community-driven blockchain arcade. It combines extensive earning mechanics with the largest collection of arcade games in Web3. As a result, Metacade has been highlighted as one of the most comprehensive blockchain gaming platforms around.

The project aims to create a central hub for Web3 users, where gamers, entrepreneurs, and investors alike can get together to access some of the most valuable alpha in blockchain gaming. To incentivize continued community involvement, Metacade is introducing brand-new earning features for its users.

What are Metacade’s earning features?

Metacade offers the largest collection of Play2Earn games on the blockchain, where casual gamers can earn a crypto income and take part in some of the hottest online games on the blockchain.

The metaverse arcade also delivers competitive gameplay, allowing MCADE token holders to get involved in tournaments for the chance to win major crypto prizes. These events will be held regularly on the platform, allowing players to go head-to-head and test out their skills directly.

The community hub will reward content creators through the Create2Earn mechanic. MCADE can be earned for posting game reviews, sharing alpha, or interacting with other users, helping Metacade to become a buzzing center of information-sharing in Web3.

On top of that, Metacade will also launch a jobs board for users through the Work2Earn mechanics. This will connect crypto enthusiasts to paid job opportunities on the blockchain. Freelance roles, gig work, and full-time positions will all be available to the Metacade community.

What can we expect from the Metacade Project in 2023?

The MCADE crypto presale has been a huge success so far, as the project is gearing up for continued progress in 2023 and beyond. Presale investors are their own breed, and will often hedge their bets by diversifying the portfolio across a range of potential projects in the hope that one at least might ride a bull run. The Metacade project is certainly interesting, and the team will now need to deliver upon the promises of the whitepaper to support continued growth. 

Metacade vs. Solana: Which is the best investment?

If Solana can recover from the fallout of 2022 and the FTX fiasco, there is potential hope that the project could get back on track as it was of course once a firm favourite. However, the MCADE token is at an earlier stage and the current price will be more appealing to investors who look for large returns on smaller investments.

The MCADE token is currently worth $0.0185, and its presale is a limited-time-only event, now in its final stage. Both projects offer potential, so any investor looking to diversify their portfolio should check them out ahead of the next bull market.

You can participate in the Metacade final stage presale here.

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