Introducing the Smart World Union Energy Token

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31 March 2022, 15:00 GMT+0000
Updated by Shilpa Lama
31 March 2022, 15:00 GMT+0000

As a result of the current tensions in Ukraine and Russia, Europe faces a major challenge in the energy industry.

Following the economic and financial sanctions imposed by Western countries and their allies; the gas and oil supply that was paid in euros and dollars will now be paid in rubles (Russian currency).

In the very near future, Russia may be closing its valves of gas serving Europe. It could lead to a major risk for their economy, especially post-pandemic.

Europe will have to turn to new partners to decrease the risk of gas and Russian oil-restricted supplies.

Considering the growing inflation and alarming climate, Europe has no choice but to go through a transition and undeniable energy independence.

The energy markets being unstable and volatile should be disconnected and refocused to ensure rapid independence and include a “green” transition from an economic and financial perspective.

Today the Smart World Union, whose emblem is the elephant (endangered animal), represents a solution for traceability and renewable energy marketplace to offer Mega Watt, which tends towards carbon neutrality.

Since its partnership with the company Switch, the Smart World Union offers solutions integrating payment with Cryptocurrencies. 

The company SWITCH offers electricity and mobile phone plans. They will soon launch solutions in the production of energy.

SWU (BEP20 / ERC20):

  • Total Tokens issued: 300,000,000 swu
  • Distribution of Tokens: 50% offered for sale | 20% in stock | 15% for marketing | 15% for the team and associates

DAO SWU with SWG Governance Token proposes a possibility of staking (3% of tokens leverage on each transaction, 1% will be burned (?), 1% will be allocated to a foundation dedicated to sustainable development and 1% will be redistributed to people doing Staking)

The future is optimistic for these two entities that will bring solutions to our climate, energy, and financial challenges.

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