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Shihtzu Launches Metaverse Gaming Platform

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The Shihtzu team launched its metaverse gaming platform with sights on revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

The Shihtzu team wants users to imagine a world where digital items are more expensive than real-world valuables. And making users engage with virtual tools in a video game instead of real-life dealership products.

This seems impossible, but this is what Shihtzu’s vision is based around. The metaverse has progressively blurred the line separating physical from digital collectibles. And this is where Shihtzu aims at.


Shihtzu’s team believes metaverse has changed the narrative for gaming, bridging the gap that separates the gaming universe from the real world.

When users purchase an item within the metaverse, one can use and show them off outside the game through social media and in other games as well. 

One of such spaces is Shihtzu, a metaverse that allows users to trade collectibles in various video games and platforms. This means that the collectibles become alive on the blockchain so that you become a lifelong owner.

The metaverse goes beyond video games to be recognized in domains such as music, art, and social media among other avenues.

Shihtzu and NFTs 

Shihtzu’s team have been very resourceful in bringing NFTs to the mainstream. This is through the Shihtzu’s STZU Token.

STZU token is a fun meme coin developed to draw the attention of regular players in the crypto space.

The main distinguishing factor that separates STZU token from other meme coins is that it is supported by a powerful ecosystem of an easily accessible NFT minting system, marketplace, and decentralized exchange.

These enable users a smooth trading experience making it easy for the average creator to launch and drop NFT collections targeting the intended market.

Gaming metaverse

Shihtzu’s team aims to launch a gaming metaverse wherein virtual collectibles are not limited by the universe of a single creator.

This means that every item on the Shihtzu metaverse becomes an all-around collectible able to be traded with STZU token. 

It should be noted that now that players can get paid to play their favorite video games, the gaming metaverse has become more powerful.

This is attributed to the fun feature of collectibles within the game to be traded for STZU tokens that can again be traded for fiat currencies such as the USD.

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