The second-largest TRON wallet has just mysteriously added another 600 million TRX to its massive balance.

It is unclear who is behind the second-largest TRON (TRX) wallet on its blockchain, but it continues to accumulate more and more. Many are questioning whether or not the account is linked to Justin Sun himself.

The Mysterious Address

The mysterious address in question now holds some 2.5 billion TRX ($28M). According to TRON’s own block explorer, all of the tokens are ‘frozen’ for bandwidth.

Whale Alert (@Whale_Alert) recently reported on the address receiving another 600M TRX ($6.6M).

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Back-tracing the address brings no results, and it is unclear who owns the address. Given Justin Sun’s controversial history, however, it would not be a stretch to assume that the second-largest TRX wallet on the network could be linked to him or his associates in some way.

In February, TRON’s Super Representatives voted to increase block rewards and completely removed the hard cap for TRON. There is now no long-term limit on how much TRX will enter circulation. In other words, the governance structure of TRON voted to enrich itself, thereby diluting the value for all other holders. Sun said he had ‘nothing to do with the decision.’

A Controversial History

TRON’s founder Justin Sun has developed a reputation for being something of a showman and sensationalist. In effect, he uses any opportunity possible to shill TRX—from the coronavirus pandemic to even Kobe Bryant’s death.

Sun even called TRX a ‘sh*tcoin’ on video during a drunken moment caught on video. The exchange is surreal, to say the least.

We will likely never know who is behind the now second-largest TRON address holding some 2.5 billion TRX. However, BeInCrypto will be watching the address closely to see if any of this TRX is moved to exchanges. If so, that would effectively confirm any suspicions that the address is merely a slush fund of sorts.