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Santa Browser Launch to Bring Next 200M Users Onto Web3.0

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Santa Browser has announced the Version 1 launch of its web3 browser today.

Built for an emerging crypto world, the browser claims to bring in the next generation of web3 users by developing tools that allow anyone to leverage the power of blockchain technologies.

Due to the extreme volatility of the market, Santa is dedicated to building a “Trustable Technology Stack” that users can firmly rely upon while browsing the web. With the Christmas release of Santa Browser, users can now earn crypto rewards simply by browsing.

“We believe that browsers need to evolve a lot more to keep up with the pace at which the internet is evolving.” “Our approach to Santa Browser is deeply influenced by the principles of web3 — Anti Monopoly, Transparency, Democracy, Data Privacy, Security & Fair Distribution Of Wealth.”

said Alekh B, CEO of Santa Browser.

Why Santa Browser?


On a mission to reimagine the web, the browser starts with the relationship between users & advertising. With Santa’s Browse2Earn, users can earn crypto rewards for their regular activities online (rewards include but are not limited to ad monetization, search monetization, discounted shopping, etc.) while maintaining control over their privacy.

Geared for privacy

Santa Browser hosts many features to protect user privacy. 

  • Integrated ad blocker — to stop all invasive ads. 
  • Tracker blocker —  to stop all online trackers & browser fingerprinting practices. 
  • Ungoogling — while forked from chromium, the browser has been cleansed of all Google trackers, host detectors (tools that identify your IP address) & other privacy-harming features.
  • Santa also disables other features inherent in the base Chromium build that inhibit control and transparency, while adding/modifying features that promote them. This is an ongoing process.
  • Santa’s partnership with Eyeo ensures that only Acceptable Ads that abide by the criteria specially developed for and by ad-filtering users and are non-intrusive are allowed to interact with you.

Military grade security

Santa Browser’s code has been reviewed and tested for vulnerabilities by Veracode, a program that validates a company’s secure software development processes. Veracode Secure code review certification echoes Santa Browser’s mature practices for creating secure software.

Planned features

Updates in the next few weeks will see the phased release of interesting features such as free single-tab VPN, an immersive dApp store, and the browser’s very own decentralized “Santa Wallet where users can easily collect their rewards. 

About Santa Browser

A unique Web3 browser exclusively catering to the emerging crypto world – Santa will give users everything they need to kickstart their crypto journey with safety, ease & convenience. Santa browser does not just resolutely protect the data & privacy of its users, it also generously rewards them.

Through Santa’s Rewarded Browsing, users have the option to earn rewards through Ad Monetization, Search Monetization, Discounted Shopping, etc.

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