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Saeko Ehara: The glittering artisan of digital and generative media

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For those who wander the multifaceted halls of digital and generative art, Saeko Ehara is an inescapable presence. Her art is a prism, refracting the bedazzling complexity of what she dubs “Kirakira,” the effervescent sparkle that saturates Japanese pop culture and beyond.

In honor of BeInCrypto’s 5th anniversary, the illustrious Saeko Ehara from the shimmering realm of Kirakira collaborates with 13 distinguished artists. Together, they are set to forge an exceptional NFT collection that captures the spirit of BeInCrypto’s legacy and resonates profoundly with its expansive international community.

Currently based in Tokyo, Ehara has become a prominent figure as a VJ and digital artist who uses artificial intelligence and generative art methodologies to create artworks that are as evocative as they are mesmerizing.

The alchemy of Kirakira: From childhood fascination to artistic vision

From the onset, Ehara was captivated by the effervescent world of Kirakira, drawing from a childhood steeped in Anime, manga, and an obsession with everything that glitters. As she reminisces, trading cards from popular manga series like ‘Sailor Moon’ were not mere collectibles but totems of a sparkling world she yearned to manifest. “Kirakira is not just a style but a lens through which I interpret the world,” says Ehara.

Her inspirations are deeply rooted in the spiritual and cultural tapestry of Japan, often taking cues from age-old folk tales, religious practices, and spiritual intuitions. She has even been commissioned by ‘+A+’, an initiative by the Japanese Government Agency for Cultural Affairs, to create art inspired by the ocean and cultural elements from the iconic Enoshima Shrine in Kanagawa.

The metamorphosis of digital Art: From VJ to NFT maestro

Ehara’s portfolio transcends media. As a VJ, she crafts dynamic installations that interact in real-time with the musical performances they accompany, creating a sensorial tapestry that is intoxicatingly synergistic. The ripple effect of her NFTs has also been profound; they are coveted for their intricate detailing and surreal atmospheric depth. “The reception on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter is immediate and raw, serving as a creative feedback loop for me,” she reveals.

The age of Web3 has opened new vistas for Ehara. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent decline in freelance VJ gigs prompted her to pivot towards NFTs. “It has democratized the art scene in a revolutionary way, enabling cross-pollination of talent and erasing traditional barriers that once stifled artists from diverse backgrounds,” she opines.

The road ahead: Expanding Kirakira beyond pixels

Her ultimate vision is vivid yet simple: “I aim to infuse the world with Kirakira, not just through digital media but as a pervasive cultural and aesthetic philosophy.”

Join the Luminous Voyage with Kirakira and Zealy’s NFT Collection!

To commemorate the dazzling world of Kirakira, Saeko Ehara has collaborated with 14 renowned artists to curate an NFT collection that promises to be a visual spectacle. But there’s more! Immerse yourself in Zealy’s interactive questboard, accomplish captivating missions, and stand a chance to unlock a complimentary mint from this elite series. Experience the melding of traditional Japanese sparkle and cutting-edge digital artistry. Are you up for the challenge? Embark on your quest at Zealy. The shimmering future of art awaits!

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