Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author says Bitcoin Cannot be Eaten

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16 June 2022, 01:20 GMT+0000
Updated by Nicole Buckler
16 June 2022, 01:21 GMT+0000

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has chosen a new promising investment: canned tuna.

The writer is another advocate of the thesis that is gaining momentum in social networks. The point is that the world will enter a period of profound food shortage.

In a tweet published on Monday, Kiyosaki writes, “The best investment: cans of tuna. Inflation will explode soon. The best investment is cans of tuna and beans. You cannot eat gold, silver or Bitcoin. You can eat canned tuna and beans. The most important thing is food. Another problem is hunger. Invest in a solution. Look after yourself.”

Recently, the writer repeated the words of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Davos, Switzerland. The institution said the world would face its greatest economic challenges since World War II (1939-1945).

Stockpiling Food

Kiyosaki was already advising his followers to start stockpiling food supplies. He also said, “Desperate leaders will do desperate things. Is world war coming? God, have mercy on us. Stock up on gold, silver, bitcoins, food, weapons and ammunition.”

Robert Kiyosaki and Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki has been talking about Bitcoin since 2018. In August of the same year, the writer called Bitcoin the people’s money and stated that the dollar was a kind of fraud or farce.

“I think [Bitcoin] is a great idea. Today I am talking about three types of money: one is God’s money, that is, gold and silver. They’ll be here when the cockroaches go extinct. The second is government money, dollar, euro… fiat money. There is also people’s money, which is a cyber currency. The US dollar is a scam. I think we are witnessing the end of the dollar. This is what I’m saying.”

In 2021, when Bitcoin’s price was $ 37,000, Kiyosaki said if it fell to $27,000, he would choose to buy the asset.

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