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Demand for Blockchain Developers Rises 517% Over the Last Year

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A new report by job search marketplace Hired has revealed that demand for blockchain engineers has grown by around 517 percent over the past year. The company expects this figure to continue increasing in the near future.
The data published in ‘The State of Software Engineers 2019’ report analyzed the growth in demand for job profiles across the software sector. The study by San Francisco based Hired showed that the average annual pay of a blockchain engineer in New York stands at $137,000. Meanwhile, the highest reported annual wages for a blockchain engineer in the entirety of the United States is $157,000. The average pay for blockchain engineers is also significantly higher than the average salary of a software engineer in other roles. blockchain development

Blockchain Skills to Pay the Bills

Demand for blockchain engineers and blockchain developers has seen a meteoric rise, particularly after the cryptocurrency bull market of 2017. According to the company, there is a severe mismatch of candidates with the right skill sets for those roles — which motivates companies to pay higher wages for the perfect candidate. While the pay varies across the globe, there is a proportional increase when compared to the salary of software developers in non-blockchain roles. LinkedIn’s ‘2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report’ had earlier concluded that the demand for blockchain engineers has grown by approximately 33 times. San Francisco, New York City, and Atlanta were reported as the preferred job locations of blockchain engineers. Every job survey that has been released recently has unanimously agreed with these findings — stating that demand for blockchain engineers is on the rise and will continue to grow. blockchain jobs

Blockchain Development Unaffected by Crypto Winter

While cryptocurrency prices have tanked throughout 2018 and early 2019, the growth of blockchain startups remains unaffected. Many experts view ‘The Crypto Winter’ as a good time for blockchain development, as it weeds out the opportunists without influencing innovators. The job of blockchain engineer is one of the most high profile jobs in a cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as it lends credibility to the company and directly influences its growth. These engineers generally have expertise in programming languages such as C++, Javascript, Python, Go and Solidity. Would you be interested in making a career as a blockchain engineer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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