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Ravendex, on the Cardano Blockchain, Continues Selling Out

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Ravendex, is touting to build the next Gen decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain has been garnering momentum since its conception a couple of weeks ago.

The Cardano-based widely adopted project has seen its fast-paced team released a demo of their Decentralized Exchange (Dex) platform, which according to them, they are looking to release their fully Functional Product before the end of Q4 2021.

Ravendex is a Cardano blockchain-based decentralized exchange that will enable blockchain participants to offer liquidity and establish a market for others to swap their native tokens and is the first Cardano-based exchange that allows instant transactions at low fees. 

Since the commencements of its Token Sale on 5 of October 2021, Ravendex has sold over 60% of its allotted tokens to early adopters for their private sale round and the sale will end in less than 48 hours. The sales of the $Rave token have been implemented according to the team to raise funds to support its operation.

The team at Ravendex will announce its next sale round in the event that the private sale tokens are sold out. Want to become an early adopter? Join the $RAE Private Sale.

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Private sale for early adopter

Coupled with RavenDex Cross Chain capacity, users will be able to swap their Cardano tokens to generate passive income. Liquidity providers will earn interest for pooling or contributing their digital assets into the liquidity pool for others to borrow. Ravendex supports ADA users with price feed transactions, asset price displays, as well as wallets to store their tokens. 

Being a project that is poised to gain massive traction, token holders can sell their assets to make increased profits. What’s more? Ravendex offers low-fee transactions to encourage cryptocurrency enthusiasts to further adopt the concept of decentralized finance. 

The $RAVE Token

$RAVE is the native token of the Ravendex protocol which will power its platform with a total supply of 1 billion $RAVE in circulation. Token holders can interact with the Cardano network by lending, staking, contributing to the liquidity pool, and endorsing Cardano projects. Ravendex users can use the token to purchase goods and services on the ecosystem and also enjoy a discount for paying transaction fees using the token. 

How to buy $RAVE token?

The private sale of $RAVE commenced on October 5, 2021. This is the first phase of the sale, and is open to early adopters. Users can be a part of the private sale through this link.  

After the private sale which is almost over is done, there will be a Seed sale followed by the Pre-Sale and then the Public Sale. During the Seed sale, 200 million $RAVE tokens will be in supply at the rate of 0.0027 ADA per token, in the pre-sale phase over 100 million $RAVE tokens will be available for sale at the rate of 0.0032 ADA per token, and then comes the Public Sale with 100 million $Rave Tokens Available for sale at the Price of 0.0040 ADA Per Token.

Users can read this guide for more details on how to join the presale. 

In the weeks to come, Ravendex will scale to become a fully decentralized autonomy community. The team at Ravendex intends to grow the project to a point where community members will have the right to vote and be voted for.

Ravendex features

Ravendex is different from other projects on the Cardano blockchain because of its distinctive features that allow for a Borrowing and Lending Protocol, it will allow users to lend their digital assets to a liquidity pool to earn interest.

It also allows users to borrow from the pool by providing collateralized assets. The fees charged by Ravendex are infinitesimal. The team members are persons of impeccable character who understand the Fintech and blockchain industries. 

About Ravendex

Ravendex is a Cardano-powered decentralized and non-custodial exchange that allows instant and swift asset transfer between ADA and native Cardano tokens. In other words, Ravendex is a cross-chain exchange that functions using the EUTXO model based on the Cardano blockchain.

Ravendex is known for its shared liquidity feature. It allows for the splitting of liquidity on the Cardano blockchain. Ravendex is also the first Cardano-based project to conceive the idea of crypto borrowing and lending via the recently updated Alonzo Hard Fork. 

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