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Polker Team Prepares for NFT LA Event While PKR Staking Extends

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Although Polker is now in the second phase of its rollout launch, it previously offered an early access version released to only 500 individuals. They excited these participants with exclusive ‘Beta’ NFTs (500 only), and users could also play until the main rollout began.

As they progress through to the second stage of the launch, Polker also announced that they would be adding 1,000 more participants to the early access along with regular game updates and feature rollout. 

The Polker team has now emailed all the lucky winners of the Beta NFTs.

They now want anyone with a Windows PC and excellent hardware to contact them as soon as possible if they registered for early access but were not chosen initially.

Secondly, the Polker NFT sale (FCFS) on the GenShards Market concluded on March 21 at 1:00 P.M. UTC.

Each NFT is entirely usable in the game and serves a larger aim of strengthening the project’s ecosystem, and right now, Polker is taking part in the NFT Los Angeles event, which takes place from March 28 to March 31, 2022.

PKR staking has now officially been extended

Polker has provided PKR staking on Ethereum from September 25, 2021, and on BSC since December 25, 2021.

Polker has now decided to prolong both staking pools for three additional months because the team has consistently progressed on the early access. The game is also nearing full completion.

Polker has additionally fulfilled the aims outlined by the roadmap as much as possible, having completed four successful Beta’s and is now in the final stages of development as well.

Users who’ve already staked their PKR in the BSC or Ethereum pools do not need to withdraw or redeposit. The staking contract will be periodically renewed, and they will keep collecting PKR tokens.

Furthermore, the two staking pools now hold approximately 30 million PKR tokens. Currently, Ethereum offers a 29% APY, whereas BSC has a 19% APY.

About Polker

Polker is the world’s first blockchain-based poker NFT that employs Unreal Engine 4 to provide a realistic game experience.

It is based on a time-tested fair approach and TRNG technology.

Polker is also not functioning alone, having made partnerships with Polygon for its NFTs, as well as collaborations with Chainlink and Master Ventures, and received a shout-out from well-known musician and pop culture phenomenon Akon.

Polker intends to collaborate with several notable platforms and is affiliated with a wide range of streaming channels with advanced VR capabilities and spectacular 3D characters, aesthetics, and digital settings.

Polker aspires to be the first blockchain NFT game with metaverse aspects that is entirely free to play and contains P2E functionality.

Meanwhile, the company will begin production of new games within a year, emphasizing VR and mobile development in 2022. 

For additional information and frequent updates, visit Polker’s social channels:

Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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