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This New MetaMask Portfolio dApp Will Make Your Web3 Experience 10 Times Better

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Updated by Kyle Baird
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In Brief

  • MetaMask has launched its Portfolio dApp in beta to aggregate multiple performance tracking tools in one place.
  • With the release, combines accounts and assets across several chains.
  • MetaMask still comes with major security risks associated with phishing, hot wallet attacks and extension vulnerabilities.
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Software cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask has launched its Portfolio dApp in beta to aggregate multiple performance tracking tools and platforms under one roof.

As per the product release, combines accounts and assets across several chains and is accessible to Extension and Mobile users.

An array of new offerings in one place

With Portfolio Dapp, users may add additional accounts like an offline wallet or hardware wallet utilizing the “watch any wallet” feature and give them names of their choosing in addition to connecting their MetaMask wallet and multiple accounts.

It also allows a friend’s public or ENS address to be added to your list. In addition, it provides an option of adding, changing, or removing many accounts or watchlists from the screen. This essentially means that users can get a view of all their NFTs and multi-chain assets while tracking new options. 

Portfolio View is also accessible to even non-MetaMask users by using the “watch any account” option.


MetaMask doesn’t come without risks

While the platform will release more features in the coming weeks, users need to be aware of the risk with the decentralized platform. NordVPN highlighted earlier this year a serious privacy flaw involving user IP leaks citing a security expert and cryptographer. It noted that a malicious actor can get access to a user’s IP address by sending an NFT to MetaMask users who are using mobile wallets. The cyber security platform noted that it happens when MetaMask retrieves IP address information from a centralized server.

Research by co-creator of the OMNIA protocol and security expert Alexandru Lupascu noted weakness in the well-known web3 wallet in January. It remarked that users of the cryptocurrency wallet may be at risk of physical threats as well as the loss of all of their digital assets.

Lupascu added that “if malicious actors derive more information from the IP address (think geolocation, GSM carrier, etc.), they can turn it into physical risks, such as kidnapping.”

In addition, the platform also holds risks associated with a hot wallet and browser extension.

That said, a few months back, phishing assaults targeted users of CoinGecko and Etherscan as they were asked to connect their MetaMask wallets to a scammy NFT site

With that, MetaMask has also issued several security warnings in the past. Be[In]Crypto reported in April that a customer reported losing $650,000 with MetaMask leading to the platform warning iPhone, Mac, and iPad users about phishing attacks.


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