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Nemesis DAO Announces Roadmap for 2022

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Nemesis DAO, a Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based decentralized reserve currency protocol, has announced a new and feasible roadmap for 2022.

It is dubbed the biggest ohm-fork and the most secure haven on Binance. Nemesis DAO has introduced a plethora of innovations and activities to the budding DeFi space. One of which includes the completion of a private know-your-customer [KYC] form. 

With the number of rug pulls in the DeFi space on the rise, reputable media outlets would only partner with projects with well-known team members. Nemesis DAO, being a transparent, fair, and sustainable protocol, has completed all KYC requirements with several media outlets. In line with this, the BSC-based protocol has entered a consortium with BSC Daily— the most popular platform on the advanced BSC network. 

Another yet impressive task accomplished by Nemesis DAO is the assignment of privileged roles to multiple signature wallets [Multi-Sig]. In a bid to prevent any point of failure caused by incessant security breaches, Nemesis DAO has pushed the management and ownership of the contract to a multi-sig wallet and security policy that has been devised to request a ⅔ consensus before any activity is executed.

Nemesis Pro & Angel Nodes

Nemesis DAO is introducing a remarkable feature—Nemesis Pro—a new staking incentive with an array of features members of the Nemesis community have dreamed of. Slated for launch in February 2022, this product will come with enhanced graphics and anti-whale protection, therefore enforcing the concept of true decentralization. Furthermore, this product will address the problem of unsustainable returns promised by DeFi protocols. 

It will have an epoch time of 1 hour and a 5-day ROI rate. To encourage extended staking periods, Random and Consecutive Golden Epochs will show up and, in turn, increase the 5-day ROI to 8%. 

Angel Nodes, another product of this BSC-based protocol has been launched and will have a specialized treasury called “Arch Treasury”. 

With only a diminutive number of crypto enthusiasts using decentralized exchanges, Nemesis DAO, as a user-prioritized protocol, has listed NMS—the protocol’s native token— on HotBit and BKEX. Also, the protocol has been listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko—the leading crypto analytics websites.

House of Degens—Governance System 

Aimed at building a strong security policy characterized by a controlled behavior of NMS by DAO [decentralized autonomous organization] in a way that gives power back to the people, Nemesis DAO has segued to a decentralized voting system. Leveraging sNMS and wsNMS decision tokens, participants will reserve the right to cast their votes on proposals and suggestions made. Akin to most DAO-powered protocols, Nemesis DAO will calculate the voting power of each participant based on the sNMS and wrapped wsNMS held during the time of the voting snapshot. 

While an sNMS will grant community members 1 voting power, wrapped wsNMS, on the other hand, will be calculated based on the current index. With the decimals always round up, this makes the wrapped wsNMS the most valuable token in the House of Degens—the Nemesis DAO’s governance system. 

NMS Token holders rewards

Nemesis DAO will offer amazing benefits to early participants. Offering high annual percentage yield [APY] on staking and an 8% ROI in five days, the BSC-based protocol aims to build the go-to reserve currency that the Binance network needs while optimizing short and long-term profits for NMS token holders. 

With a long-term vision to build one of the constantly expanding, safe, and rewarding applications, Nemesis DAO will launch a ton of products ranging from the Nemesis Fund to Nemesis NFT Zone, etc. Promoting honesty and transparency between community and team members, this protocol is backed by a strong community based on Discord and Telegram. 

Nemesis DAO, not surprisingly, has passed the CertiK auditing test, with results showing that the protocol is secure and at no risk of a security breach. This is in line with the development team’s core value of building a transparent, fair, and secure blockchain ecosystem. 

About Nemesis DAO 

Known as a decentralized reserve currency protocol, Nemesis DAO is a BSC-based project that seeks to create a reserve currency for the network while enhancing short and long-term profits for its token holders. Running a democratic protocol, thanks to DAO, Nemesis DAO will allow community members to vote for proposals and suggestions made on the protocol. 

Nemesis DAO on social media: Twitter  | Telegram | Medium | Discord | GitHub  | YouTube

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