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Nano Developers Highlight Rise of Tipping Bots Across Social Media Platforms

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Updated by Dani Polo
The development team of the zero-fee cryptocurrency Nano has published a new blog post highlighting various applications and services that have boosted its adoption over the past year. The post’s primary purpose is likely to encourage third-party developers to create new platforms and apps that leverage the currency’s ability to send and receive payments of small denominations.
It goes on to detail Nano’s adoption across a variety of social media platforms and a few recent video game releases. Given the currency’s large focus on microtransactions, tip bots continue to be the most popular application. Nano

Nano in Social Media and Gaming

On Twitter, The Nano Tip Bot has reportedly attracted a loyal following, facilitating over 2,000 tips totaling 958 NANO to date. In terms of US Dollars, this adds up to roughly $1,920 worth of tips (at current price) since its release in September of 2018. The bot also mentions the $NANO tag in each tip post, boosting the currency’s discoverability on the social media platform. Users can simply send a private message to the bot to initiate deposits and withdrawals. A recently unveiled Google Chrome extension further streamlines the tipping process, allowing users to tip another’s tweet with only the press of a button. Other developers have created similar tipping experiences for Telegram, Reddit, Twitch and Discord platforms. Video games built around Nano have also started gaining ground, with the post discussing ‘NanoQuake’ and ‘Player Killers Exchange’. While the former is the original Quake II with Nano functionality built in, the latter is a free online game that rewards players with a small number of tokens for meeting certain goals. Users can bid for better equipment in exchange for Nano as well.

The Marketing Push Nano Needs?

Released over two years ago, Nano is one of the few cryptocurrencies on the market that boasts high throughput and efficient transfers. While the rest of the blockchain industry is still trying to figure out the best answer to the scalability debate, Nano’s protocol has been designed to handle thousands of transactions per second. Furthermore, since the cryptocurrency does not rely on miners, it is completely devoid of transaction fees. However, in spite of Nano’s several advantages, it has repeatedly found itself mired in controversy since its initial launch under the title of RaiBlocks. Until a few months ago, the only exchange that listed Nano trading pairs was the obscure Italian platform BitGrail. The exchange was single-handedly responsible for the vast majority of global Nano trading volume until it announced a security breach in early 2018, resulting in the loss of over $190 million worth of user-owned crypto. Needless to say, the event, coupled with the marketwide bear trend, led to a sharp decline in the currency’s reputation and price. Do you think the developers’ blog post is an attempt at boosting the public’s acceptance of Nano? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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