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Music and NFT Platform Centaurify Rebrands With Big Partnerships in Pipeline

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Updated by Shilpa Lama

Revolutionary NFT Ticketing platform Centaurify pushes its project to new levels with a fresh new logo and website; moving forward, its mission is to put profits back into the hands of artists.

Estonia – Centaurify, the NFT ticketing platform founded by CEO David Rootwelt-Norberg and Norwegian music producer Martin Bjercke (a.k.a CLMD), is blasting into the music and NFT space with a newly designed website that pays homage to the bands and fans they aim to support with their revolutionary ecosystem.

The vibrant, retro feel of the site invites users, even those with no prior crypto experience, to participate in a new way by buying concert tickets and NFTs while directly supporting their favorite artists. 

Centaurify’s new website is not just a facelift but an actual show of identity for the platform. Baked into its retrofuturism vibes, is a full-fledged ecosystem that allows a level of connection between artist and fan that just has not been seen before.

Sprinkled with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism, as well as a slick, modern logo that reminds one of a hazy California sunset, all of it starts with the ingenious NFT Ticketing system developed by Centaurify. 

Utilizing blockchain’s smart-contract technology, the platform will allow artists to design, price, and sell tickets directly to fans, without them having to incur the deluge of fees normally associated with buying on mainstream ticketing platforms.

The smart contract also protects the consumer by allowing the artists or organizers to set minimum and maximum resale prices for tickets, basically eliminating the practice of scalping altogether.

Even better, as blockchain is completely transparent and each ticket is a unique NFT, fraudulent or counterfeit tickets will be impossible to create.

Transaction fees for buying tickets will also be low as Centaurify will be running on next-gen network protocols such as Solana, Cardano, and Polkadot. All the while, each time a ticket is bought or sold, royalties go directly back to the artist.  

Centaurify is making huge leaps forward in connecting with its audience on multiple platforms as it pushes ticketing technology into the future, rewarding artists, consumers, and investors.

Their rebranding is a series of decisive moves that will cement their position as a powerhouse in the music industry and the global adoption of blockchain technology in the process. 

About Centaurify 

The Centaurify platform is the first to target the music industry in this way, with its NFT ticketing solutions. Allowing customers and fans to experience live concerts and music festivals from a different point of view.

The project was co-founded by 14 platinum awarded DJ CLMD, the Creative Director of the team; his insight into the music industry and ticketing has been the basis for the Centaurify platform.

The value of the Centaurify platform is to empower artists and organizers, this would include monetization on the secondary market, reducing ticket scalping, and preventing ticket fraud. 

One of the unique properties of Centaurify, is how they are using tickets coupled with NFT technology. For most, tickets are boring PDFs that hold no value, beyond entry to a concert.

Centaurify wants tickets to amplify the experience for concert-goers and is teaming up with some of the greatest visual NFT studios in the world. Together they are creating tickets that are collectible works of art, with the added value of being able to unlock exclusive content, based on the requirements of musicians or organizers.

By creating this extra value, tickets will anchor that special experience you get at being at a concert forever, and that is something that is priceless. 

Fans will also be able to buy unique digital merchandise, directly from the musician, thanks to the NFT marketplace that will be launched at the end of March, this year. A lot of things to look forward to if you are a fan of music or NTFs. 

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