Most people working in today’s technological landscape rightly believe that blockchain and AI are the two technologies that will drive the fourth industrial revolution. Concurrent with this thought, Microsoft has announced the launch of its first regional AI hub in Louisville, Kentucky.

In an attempt to create a better technological future for the world, Microsoft has been experimenting with the latest technologies to bring the best solutions to the industry. Microsoft CTO Jeniffer Byrne, on June 7, 2019, signed a three-year partnership agreement with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to launch an AI hub in the city.

With AI and robots on the verge of disrupting the economy and the workforce, nearly 28 percent of jobs are at stake in the city. Rising to this concern, Microsoft’s new project aims to help upskill people to be able to work alongside these growing technologies and be prepared for the future.

Four Fellowship Awards From Microsoft

Starting small, Microsoft aims to find four citizens of Louisville interested in becoming subject matter experts in AI, IoT, and data science. These four will be awarded a fellowship in the coming summer and will be offered intensive AI training at the company’s to-be-opened office in downtown Louisville.

Following this, ‘they’ll be helping provide training and curriculum for educational institutions and the private sector in this community,’ said Grace Simrall, Louisville’s chief of civic innovation and technology.

The decision to choose Louisville came to be because of Microsoft’s intention to reach out to those people who are mostly left out of the AI innovation. It wanted such people to be well-versed with the technology who haven’t been to reputed colleges or held positions in the field.

Combining AI and Blockchain

No official announcements regarding the inclusion of blockchain in its upcoming program were mentioned, but it’s likely considering Microsoft’s strong interest in blockchain technology.

Microsoft’s FarmBeats initiative, which utilizes blockchain and AI in the agriculture industry, was reported to have registered its platform in Brazil on June 6, 2019. The company had already registered the platform in the United States, India, New Zealand, and Kenya.

Many other companies, large and small, are investing huge amounts in these two technologies. Looking at how perfectly these industries complement each other, it’s hard not to believe that they will form the base of the fourth industrial revolution.

How do you think AI and automation will affect jobs in the future? Will blockchain and AI actually form the basis of the fourth industrial revolution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Mohammad Musharraf

Born and brought up in India, Mohammad Musharraf is a civil engineer who discovered his love for writing, and blockchain and cryptocurrency technology during his college years. He now works as a freelance crypto journalist and also aids businesses come up with relevant and interesting B2B and B2C content.

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