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New Meme Coin Thug Life Blasts Past $600k in a Week – 9 Days Left of Presale

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Just a week after it launched the Thug Life token presale has already smashed through the $600,000 barrier as momentum gathers around the brand new meme project.

While plenty of gains have been made amid a pumping market for meme coins and low-cap gems – with Pepe, Pepe2.0 and LADYS among those seeing exponential growth – dozens of other tokens have flopped on launch, leaving some investors holding worthless bags.

Thug Life ($THUG) has been developed to offer investors a second chance at big gains, with a totally fair presale launch that consists of just one round with a fixed price – and is closing in only 10 Days.

$THUG Presale Ends Soon

Only a week after its presale launched, the project has already seen huge interest and investment with buyers moving fast to secure tokens ahead of the presale closing date.

Thug Life has opted for an extremely short presale that only consists of one round with tokens to cost $0.0007 for the whole period.

That bucks the trend of many recent presales and the fixed price means that newcomers to the project will not be dumped on by those who bought in an earlier presale stage at a lower price.

It should also incentivize holding across the project as investors wait for a higher price point to sell, rather than being able to earn an instant profit by dumping at launch, while the liquidity pool will be locked for three months from launch.

The presale is set to end on July 17 with the project to launch on decentralized exchanges soon after. 

Thug Life to Offer Substantial Token Burn and Airdrop

Thug Life is aiming for a $100 million market cap and will be totally driven by the community.

The project has a 4.2 billion supply and has made 70% available for purchase during the presale, with a hard cap of $2.058 million.

The other 30% of the $THUG supply will see 15% going towards marketing and 15% to a community rewards program, that includes a huge airdrop.

The exact details of the airdrop have not yet been finalized, but it will take place after the DEX launch with token holders able to sign up through the Thug Life website and via its social media channels.

Entry will be predicated on connecting accounts from Discord, Twitter, email and a holder’s crypto wallet.

To keep the project in the hands of the community, there is no team allocation, ensuring a fair launch and minimizing any risk of a pump-and-dump by the developers.

A token burn is also on the cards during phase three of Thug Life’s development but, again, the details at this stage of the project’s life cycle are top secret.

It is believed to be significant, with the likes of Shiba Inu, Cronos and Terra Classic enjoying significant price increases in recent times after huge burns.

$THUG tokens can be purchased with ETH or USDT on the presale website – for more information and the latest news on the project, join the Telegram group.

You can visit the Thug Life presale here.

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