McAfee DEX to Support TRON, EOS, BNB and NEO

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John McAfee is willing to pursue his vision of a decentralized world no matter what governments, corporations, and regulators think. When McAfee DEX was launched, he promised that any ERC-20 token would be supported. However, the promise of cross-blockchain integration hyped a lot of crypto enthusiasts, and a few hours ago, he proved he was committed to deliver.



In a sober and concise tweet, John announced that McAfee Dex will be compatible with TRON, allowing users to trade not only TRX but any other TRC10 and TRC20 token. This new feature will roll out on November 8.

The TRC Standard

According to the official TRON website, TRC-20 is a standard for smart contracts similar to what an ERC-20 token would be on the Ethereum network. A TRC-10 token is a token that does not require the writing of a smart contract and is basically aimed at simplifying transactions, making them more efficient. USDT, for example, runs on TRON as a TRC-20 token. Up until now, McAfee DEX has been compatible only with tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain.

John also said his McAfee DEX would be able to run on the TRON blockchain soon after it was launched:

Although the tweet doesn’t give details about other integrations, McAfee has already announced his intentions to support EOS, BNB, and NEO on the McAfee Dex. In a recent interview, the tech expert assured that by the first semester of 2020, it will be possible to execute trades between native tokens of these blockchains in a seamless way:

“On November 8, we will add the Tron blockchain on January 1. We will add Binance, EOS, and NEO, and then on May 1, we will go live with cross chains between all of these separate blockchains. We will, in fact, be the equivalent of Binance, only were distributed and decentralized, and it doesn’t cost anything to list a coin on the exchange”.

Community Backlash

McAfee’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by the community. Many have attempted to boycott this exchange. The very day of its creation, the McAfee DEX suffered a series of DDoS attacks that were quickly solved. as BeInCrypto has previously reported on.

In the same way, shortly after it was launched, there were reports of people typing the wrong URL for the McAfee DEX URL and being redirected to random Binance referral links.

Things seem to be going well for John in the crypto-verse: His McAfeeMagic platform is stable and growing, and his McAfee DEX is meeting its objectives. Even his “social experiment” to flirt with a zombie coin seems to have come to an end… But this will be covered on another news when he explains what all this madness was really about!

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