Mastercard UK Announces NFT Giveaway With Jose Mourinho

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18 September 2021, 11:55 GMT+0000
Updated by Ryan James
19 September 2021, 13:45 GMT+0000
In Brief
  • The financial services giant creates its first digital collectible.
  • It is in collaboration with renowned football coach Jose Mourinho, who is also a Mastercard global ambassador.
  • The NFT will be gifted to a Mastercard holder in the UK by random draw.
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Mastercard UK creates its first NFT as a part of a sweepstake for a random, lucky Mastercard holder in collaboration with its current global ambassador.

As the non-fungible token (NFT) space continues its popularity and overlap with mainstream industries the global icons find their niche. The most recent addition to the NFT world is Mastercard. The U.K. branch of the financial services giant announced its first very own NFT. 

The new NFT will be released in collaboration with renowned football coach Jose Mourinho. Mourinho is also a global ambassador for Mastercard. The digital collectible up for grabs is of an animated digital football signed by Jose. 

However, this NFT is not up for auction. It will be a part of a sweepstake for Mastercard holders based in the United Kingdom. The winner will be selected at random. The chance to win is open until September 30th. 

Financial services giants in crypto

While this is Mastercard’s first NFT, it is not their first move in the crypto space. Over the last year, Mastercard made big moves in crypto and blockchain integrated services. The company started its own corporate program for crypto and blockchain-centric startups. This program aims for the acceleration and encouragement of innovation in this field of tech. 

In addition, Mastercard announced this past July it plans for card enhancement for crypto wallets and exchanges. 

As Mastercard makes crypto-forward moves, so does its competitor Visa. Late last month the rival financial service provider purchased its first NFT. The digital collectible now owned by Visa is a $150k CryptoPunk. Shortly after its purchase the company released an entire whitepaper on NFTs, which praised the technology. 

Visa’s whitepaper called the digital collectibles a ‘promising medium for fan engagement,’ among other praises. With both Visa and Mastercard in the NFT game there is no telling where the space will go next. 

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