Lustcoins Builds Platform for Gender Discrimination Education

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LUSTCOINS founders had envisioned helping different communities to understand the fundamental requirements of having a happy relationship.

They also want to address some of the major social issues, including but not limited to violence, body shame, discrimination against LGBTQ, etc. To accomplish this, we found blockchain technology as a great platform for sending our message to a wider range of audiences in the world and also finding sustainable ways to financially support the cause.

Lust tokens have been created on Binance Smart Chain for simplicity and lower transaction gas fees. The tokens contract is accessible for everyone on BSCScan and has been verified. This means the source codes will stay intact over time.

In the design of this platform, the number of tokens has been capped to 1,000,000,000 tokens of which 25% of them will be burned over the period of the next 12 months.

After a successful test launch, we are in the presale stage via our website, the fixed price smart contract of presale has been verified by Binance Smart Chain too.

Over the past 5 weeks, since we started the journey, we built a growing community with over 5,000 followers on Instagram and Telegram channel and over 1,250 Twitter followers so far. Thanks to our humanitarian mission we received enormous support from major BodyPositivity, LGBTQ, Anti-violence, and Anti-Crime NGOs across the globe.

We understand the majority of investors are in this business for more profit, but by investing in LUSTCOINS you do not only buy a token, you invest in a community we are going to build which can provide a safer and wealthier future for our next generations.

Our roadmap is a plan where we take on the most complex social problems and use cryptocurrency-based blockchain to resolve them. LUSTCOINS roadmap has been professionally designed to put us in a huge strategic advantage by diversifying our investments to ensure our liquidity pool always has sufficient backup. 

Some of LUTCOINS investment projects include LUST DeFi exchange, LUST NFT exchange and showroom, VIP membership, and advertising through the final website.

Our roadmap details have been published on our website and our whitepaper will be published by October 25, 2021. Our financial goal as per our roadmap is to hit the price target of $1 per token within 12 months.

Mission & milestones

LUSTCOINS is here to provide a safe place for anyone who is interested in watching or creating adult content. While people enjoy watching the content, we will also educate them to restrain from body shame.

In modern society, only people with perfect bodies get featured in advertisements, which causes insecurities. Over the past few decades, the number of customers in the medical aesthetics industry has increased seven times, 80% of women report that TV supermodels make them feel insecure, and 33% of UK adults felt anxious or depressed about their body image. Statistics don’t lie, and we believe this trend must stop.

LUSTCOINS will utilize blockchain technology not only for adult entertainment purposes but also for the creation of an environment where everyone will feel included. Unlike other adult platforms, we will never approve of the use of sex slavery/trafficking. The adult entertainment industry has been run by large corporations that promoted and allowed the use of illegal techniques for too long.

The LUST platform is dedicated to creating an ecosystem for people to learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships through free educational videos led by our sexologists, while also making a significant profit. We want to build a fun educational platform under the supervision of psychologists to help everyone love their own and others’ bodies.

Description automatically generated

Imagine you are watching porn, creating content, or supplying phycological education and at the same time making money. Our platform is built based on supplying free, accessible, and reliable content for a very wide range of users with different levels of education, religious and sexual knowledge.

To maintain the success of our platform, we utilize an algorithm in paying tokens to creators and users. Based on our algorithm the amount of payment will be scaled based on the quantity of uploaded videos, and this will allow us to maintain the price of our tokens in the market.

Current offers

  • Presale offer

A 42% discount has been considered for anyone purchasing our tokens via our website between October 19, to October 25, 2021, with no whitelist or prequalification requirement (minimum purchase 10,000 and maximum 1,140,000 lust tokens)

  • NFT giveaway

In addition to our huge price reduction during the presale, LUSTCOINS will give away 100 rare NFT’s. All NFT’s belong to the LUST collection and are priced between $50 to $100 now. The first 100 lucky buyers who purchase more than 1 BNB of LUST tokens during presale via our website will go to a draw pool and will receive a random NFT from LUSTCOINS.

Lust is the devil who will take you to the moon.

Social Media: Website | Telegram | Instagram | Telegram TA Channel | YouTube (Daily Update).



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