Lightning Torch Helps Miss Finland Illuminate the Crypto World

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Over the weekend, Rosa Maria Ryyti, Miss Finland 2015, received the Lightning Torch — giving a boost to cryptocurrency awareness and mass adoption.

Update (2019-04-11): The original report claimed that Ryyti’s non-crypto followers were not particularly enthusiastic about her receiving the Lightning Torch. However, Ryyti reached out to us and informed us that she received a positive response from her non-crypto followers, and spent the day educating them on Bluewallet and Bitcoin. The article has been updated to reflect this.

Ryyti has come out as a great fan of Bitcoin and its secondary Lightning Network solution. She promised to promote it on Instagram and even offered 10,000 satoshis to the first 21 followers to send her an invoice. The model emphasized that the giveaway campaign was launched only for her Instagram followers who had little or no knowledge of cryptocurrencies to raise awareness of Bitcoin (BTC).

Predictably, Ryyti’s participation in the Lightning torch initiative won widespread acclaim within the industry. Even her non-crypto friends found their interests piqued, with Ryyti telling BeInCrypto that she spent an entire day explaining Bluewallet and Bitcoin to her followers.

Where From Here?

The model received the torch from Jeremias Kangas, the founder of the P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform LocalBitcoins where people around the world can buy and sell digital assets bypassing the barriers of the existing financial system.

The Torch moved on from Finland to Columbia as Ryyti passed it to BTC Andres. He held the Torch for a short time and forwarded it further to DJ Booth of the crowdfunding platform Tallycoin.

Now the torch is held by Melik Manukyan, a network engineer and Bitcoin enthusiast from Armenia, leaving only five final spots left.

Around the Earth

The Torch was created in January 2019 by cryptocurrency enthusiast Hodlonaut to spread awareness of the technology and to have fun. Obviously, he reached both of his goals as the phenomenon quickly gained worldwide traction and involved various prominent people and companies both in and outside the industry, including Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey, Fidelity Investments, and Harvard’s Blockchain Club.

The torch has visited 56 countries traveling around the globe for 80 days. At the time of writing, 273 unique entities have held the torch and transacted over 686 million satoshis while passing it along down the chain.

This initiative has shown the resilience of the Lightning Network solution that was launched on Bitcoin’s mainnet 15 months ago.

What do you think of the Lightning Torch initiative? Will popular figures like Miss Universe winners help to promote the idea of Bitcoin and raise mass awareness? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 


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