Top 6 Crypto Influencers to Follow

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The crypto industry is vast, and it is getting bigger every day. Over the last two years, it grew from 2,000 cryptos to 7,600 cryptos and counting.



Obviously, plenty of these cryptocurrencies are weak projects, scams, dead projects, and more. Many have yet to ‘kick the bucket,’ but there is no doubt that they will, eventually. But, many will also survive, and prosper over the years.

The crypto industry is ever-changing and constantly evolving. Many projects that started with a single idea in mind, eventually started branching out, and things that they attempted to test became their new primary purpose, just because the community liked it, and they saw greater potential in it.



Other projects that were promising at first — whether due to a good idea or some other reason — ended up ‘losing their way.’ The reason can be anything — poor leadership, bad decisions, bad reputation, the nature of the project, being suffocated by competition, and more.

In the end, what we are trying to say is that there are plenty of gems in a vast crypto market, but it is extremely difficult to find them, especially for new traders and investors.

Then, when you manage to find them, you need to keep a close eye on them, as they can become even greater, or fail completely, almost overnight. If you have enough knowledge, experience, dedication, and alike, to constantly follow new trends and make accurate assessments on what’s the next big hit — that is a very useful skill.

However, if you can do this, then you should know that you are among the few that have this deep level of understanding of crypto.

If you are not in this group — don’t worry. You can still make it in the crypto world, but you will need some help, and that is where crypto influencers come in.

In this article:

Who are Crypto Influencers?

As the name suggests, crypto influencers are individuals and entities that have the mentioned deep understanding of the crypto industry, how it works and breathes, how it changes, and what to come next.

Crypto influencers dedicate massive amounts of time and energy to following the crypto industry, staying informed about new and old projects. They know exactly which cryptos are hot, which will become hot soon, and which are old news at any given time.

Many of them tend to share their views of the crypto industry for various reasons. Some wish to help others make money and enjoy themselves in the world of decentralized finance. Others consider it a challenge to keep track of crypto, and they wish to prove themselves by accurately predicting which way crypto will grow.

Some of them are celebrities that got into crypto, or successful businessmen who became celebrities due to crypto. But, there are also those who are considered non-celebrities. Many of them do not run massive corporations, and keeping track of crypto, sharing their knowledge and predictions is not their job.

These enthusiasts simply love emerging technologies, and they share their knowledge with the rest in order to help people earn and to help this technology advance further and become more accepted and adopted.

Who do People Listen To?

According to one research from 2018, conducted by Grin, around 30% of crypto users are basing their trading and investment choices on recommendations from these non-celebrity influencers, while only 3% are following celebrities’ advice.

This is not that surprising, as people understand non-celebrities better. These are just people, same as everyone else, but with a better understanding of something than the rest of us. They speak the same language as us, they live the same lives as us, and simply put — they are one of us.

Naturally, we would trust them more than celebrities who we cannot really relate to. Meanwhile, their advice is often as good as what celebrities have to offer, or even better.

These non-celebrity influencers are the people we are interested in discussing today, and we would like to list some of the top influencers that we know of. Without further ado, let’s see who they are, and where you can find them.

Top 6 Non-Celebrity Crypto Influencers

1) CryptoYoda

CryptoYoda is a crypto enthusiast and technical analyst who constantly keeps track of a number of coins. He can be found on Twitter at @CryptoYoda1338, where he has been posting about cryptocurrencies for years.

CryptoYoda takes pride in ‘Breathing Charts’ and ‘Living Crypto’ since 2014, indicating that he has over 6 years of experience in the crypto industry at the time of writing.

He has seen crypto grow from basically nothing, rise to its peak, and crash down to the lowest levels it has seen in a long time, as well as yet another recovery a beginning of a new surge, which everyone can see these days.

With that much experience, CryptoYoda believes himself capable of predicting trends and accurately assessing which coins will surge or drop in the near future, and he is often right in his predictions. One evidence of this is the fact that he has over 207.6k followers on Twitter.

His account is filled with charts, predictions, his own thoughts and reflections on past performances, current events, and more, so if you want insight from someone who has been keeping track of crypto for over half a decade, CryptoYoda is one of the top choices out there.

2) Josh Olszewicz

Josh Olszewicz, previously known as IAmSatoshi, is another crypto enthusiast tweeting from @CarpeNoctom. He calls himself a ‘professional critical thinker,’ but he keeps insisting that his tweets and thoughts are not to be taken as financial advice.

Also, he noted that his retweets are not an endorsement of any project or opinion out there and that all of the stuff he tweets or shares are simply his own opinions.

Even so, Olszewicz has some pretty interesting thoughts, considering that he has over 120.8k followers on Twitter. They’re all interested in hearing what he has to say about the state of the crypto industry and particular coins.

Josh also regularly shares charts, articles, and news about the state of the crypto industry, technical and fundamental analysis of coins, and how specific events might impact the industry, or how they are impacting it, and what is coming next.

Once again, he insists that these are just opinions. But, his opinions are popular enough for people to follow him in massive numbers, so he must be doing something right.

3) Crypto Rand

Crypto Rand is a cryptocurrency trader and investor, as well as a self-proclaimed blockchain advisor who is currently working on educating himself on the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, as he says himself on his Twitter, @crypto_rand.

Crypto Rand is constantly sharing charts regarding some of the biggest and most influential coins, but also predictions and roadmap simulations that serve as forecasts for the behavior of different coins, and especially Bitcoin.

He also has his discord channel for the members of his community, where he and other crypto enthusiasts, traders, and investors discuss the new events and make predictions regarding the future of cryptocurrencies, prices, trends, and more.

As for his Twitter, Crypto Rand has almost 221k followers, which further confirms that a lot of people appreciate his words and views of the crypto industry, so if you are among those looking for a crypto influencer to follow, Crypto Rand might be a very good choice.

As always, remember to not take anyone’s word for granted, and make your own trading and investment decisions. But, if you want to see how crypto experts think and work, Crypto Rand is definitely worth following.

4) DataDash

Stepping away from Twitter influencers, we have DataDash, who has quite a following on YouTube — over 355k subscribers at the time of writing. DataDash is actually a rather comprehensive crypto analytics firm, which uses YouTube to discuss data algorithms, market indicators, global trends in and out of the crypto industry, and more.

It was founded by Nicholas Merten, who previously worked in the securities market as an industry analyst. So, he already has a relevant background that allows him a deeper understanding of financial technologies.

Once Merten realized the major potential of cryptocurrency, he decided to leave his former position and dedicate his efforts to creating DataDash, and YouTube videos came as the best and easiest way of spreading his message.

The message in question is that of speculation on the crypto market, as it continues to evolve, change, and spread around the world. He firmly believes that cryptocurrencies are the future of investing, but also that they can solve many of the problems that the current currency market is facing.

In any event, his YouTube is very informative and useful to beginners and experts alike. As is to be expected, there is quite a bit of complex crypto terminology involved, but overall, DataDash focuses on informing and educating, so listening to what Nicholas has to say is definitely worth it for any aspiring trader.

5) Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech is another crypto YouTuber who is known far and wide for his videos. He has over 266k subscribers, and he acts as a blockchain educator, data scientist, and international speaker.

In fact, he has an entire academy, dedicated to teaching people about blockchain trading, and how to make a career out of it. He also spoke at countless seminars on tech stocks and similar topics.

Ivan is a popular crypto YouTuber because he doesn’t complicate things. Quite the opposite, in fact — he is doing his best to spread the word about crypto, blockchain, and events that are impacting them in an understandable manner.

Anyone can understand and appreciate his videos, regardless of their understanding of the crypto industry, which is why he has thousands of students who have subscribed to his crypto academy from all over the world.

He is considered an expert in the crypto field, and with good reason — he is one. So, if you wish to gain a better understanding of cryptocurrencies, how events are impacting them, and why the prices behave the way they do, Ivan has countless videos that can help with that on his channel.

6) The Crypto Dog

Lastly, we have another Twitter entity with a massive following, who calls himself The Crypto Dog (@TheCryptoDog).

The Crypto Dog claims that he has been mining crypto for ages, starting nearly a decade ago, in 2011. He is also a blockchain and DeFi investor, as well as a market commentator whose word is heard far and wide.

The Crypto Dog admits to being a huge Bitcoin believer, although he focuses on all opportunities in the crypto industry equally. These days, a lot of them appear to be emerging in the DeFi sector, and where are opportunities — The Crypto Dog is there to sniff them out.

He has posted his story of how he started with crypto in a Medium post, for all the followers who might be curious about it. He also posted a few exchange reviews with his thoughts and experiences mixed in, as well.


And, there you have it. Some of the biggest and best crypto influencers can be found and followed on social media networks for free. These are experts who have been in the crypto world for years now.

They have seen the good side of crypto, as well as the bad side, and they managed to push through both, and gather plenty of experience along the way. In doing so, they became experts, and we believe that their voices definitely deserve to be heard, so do check out what they have to say, but keep in mind that they are not all-knowing.

They can make mistakes, just like the rest of us, which is why you should collect their insight, but make the final decisions on your own, and not blindly follow even their advice.


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