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How To Market a Crypto Project

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Marketing is essential for a crypto project to grow and become profitable. No project will be sustainable without marketing efforts. As the industry booms, the need to have a digital marketing strategy is essential for all crypto-related businesses. Ensuring that all marketing efforts and goals are achieved takes a lot of time and planning.

There are certain marketing tools that the broader crypto industry can utilize regardless of the niche that a project falls into. With any business, reputation is fundamental. A crypto project looking to be the “next best thing” needs to market itself correctly, maintain a positive reputation, and be profitable.

What is crypto marketing?

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Similar to traditional marketing, crypto marketing uses a combination of tools to generate brand awareness and revenue. Without a marketing plan, a crypto project will not succeed. Each marketing plan varies from project to project.

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How to market a crypto project 

Most importantly, a crypto project’s digital marketing strategy needs to consist of a combination of tools. The top 5 tools for a successful digital marketing strategy are:

1. Create a website

First of all, the most obvious and crucial element of a successful crypto marketing strategy is a functional website. A website is often the first reference point a new customer or investor has with a project. 

Crypto newbies will likely use a search engine to research a crypto project, so a website is essential.

Most importantly, customers must be able to easily find a crypto project’s website. Therefore, it must be optimized for mobile and desktop. The website needs to contain all crucial information about the project. This includes information about the project, its services, products, background information, contact information, social media handles, and so on.

In the same vein, important documentation like a whitepaper, audit, and an FAQ section has to be accessible on the website. 

2. Pay a news agency to publish a press release


A press release is an effective marketing tool that can reach a large audience of crypto enthusiasts for web3 lead generation

Project managers should be strategic when allocating the marketing budget. Opting for a media house that has a large readership would be more beneficial than a smaller publication. This is purely because of numbers. 

For instance, a larger audience means better brand exposure for the project. A press release published on a website with a higher readership would mean more pageviews. 

In turn, this may drive readers to respond to the calls to action within the release. BeInCrypto is the third-biggest crypto media agency and has over 10 million pageviews each month.

Another important thing to consider is where the press release will be placed on a website.

Some media houses do not publish press releases on the homepage. As a result, this can impact the performance of the press release. BeInCrypto publishes all press releases on its homepage and in a separate section of the website dedicated to these articles. 

Crypto projects that create a press release are investing in educating community members, existing and potential investors. 

3. Engage with the crypto community

A crypto project needs to engage with its community. Most importantly, this can be done via social media or by responding to online forums such as Reddit threads. Through engagement, not only does a project attract new customers, but it indicates to the community how much their thoughts and opinions matter. 

This is especially true for criticism or negative feedback. For example, if a project has been called a scam and there is no response to the comment — people unfamiliar with the project will take this at face value and move on.

However, often competing projects create bots to try and tarnish the reputation of others online. A crypto project that engages regularly will be able to handle any misinformation that may exist. Further, social media is a seamless way of dealing with negative and positive feedback. A strong online presence helps to build a project’s reputation, among many other benefits.

Reddit is a great place for crypto projects to engage with community members. Reddit users reach out to each other to discuss emerging crypto projects. Whether a user had a good or bad experience, a crypto project should acknowledge and remedy the situation if necessary. 

Another great way to integrate into crypto communities is Telegram, where you can discuss your project and develop it through advice and tip from other members. You can join Beincrypto, one of the best communities for this on Telegram.

4. Paid email marketing 

Email marketing can be impossible to do if a crypto project does not require know-your-customer (KYC) verification. 

However, a crypto news agency like BeInCrypto can help to promote a project using its newsletter.

Paid email marketing is a powerful marketing tool as the groundwork has been done. The crypto project does not need to collect emails or build an audience.

A newsletter can be used to announce a product launch, share updates on the project, or inform the community of an exciting event. Paid email marketing can help generate strategic results aligned to the overall marketing strategy. 

5. Invest in a team that specializes in crypto marketing 

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There is only so much a handful of project managers can do when it comes to crypto marketing. Similarly, budget and time constraints can negatively impact the overall marketing strategy.

It may not be viewed as an important business function. However, this is a major misconception as, without effective marketing, there won’t be any customers and investors. This means no revenue. 

Consequently, by investing in a team that specializes in crypto marketing, a crypto project will solidify its continuity. Additionally, there are some agencies that specialize in certain services. For example, an NFT marketing agency is better than any general marketing agency.

Crypto marketing specialists are a wealth of knowledge and information. Expertise in the field of crypto marketing will serve as a major asset to a project. 

Closing time

To sum up, regardless of the business model a crypto project may fall into, there are a few marketing tools that can be used by most crypto projects. 

A functioning and aesthetically pleasing website is the first point of reference a person will have with a project. Arguably, it is the most important crypto marketing tool.

Community engagement, through social media and discussion forums, is important to maintain and manage. 

Paid email marketing can save a lot of time and expose a project to an entirely new audience. Finally, hiring a team of crypto marketing specialists is a long-term investment that will help a crypto project remain in business. 

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