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Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction 2023/2025/2030

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HBAR, the native token of the Hedera ecosystem, is up 50% month-on-month. While the broader crypto market rally had much to do with this unexpected price rise, we shall consider the wider picture herein. This HBAR price prediction discussion will focus on the Hedera network’s current state and future price action. We delve into the fundamental, on-chain, and price analysis of HBAR to prepare an exhaustive and practical price prediction model.

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Hedera Hashgraph fundamentals and the expected future price action

For starters, Hedera is an enterprise-grade ecosystem for businesses and individuals. Focused on smart contracts, this decentralized network can power DApps for enterprises and businesses — making it highly relevant and fundamentally robust. 

Coming to the consensus, the Hedera network features the proprietary Hashgraph consensus. This proof-of-stake-inspired novel consensus mechanism eliminates slowness whilst keeping the security quotient intact. But that’s not all that the Proof-of-Stake-based Hashgraph consensus promises. It also:

  1. Supports high-volume transactions and processes.
  2. Supports micropayments and tokenization — making it a good bet for enterprises.
  3. This public network has an exhaustive list of investors.
Hedera investors: Messari
Hedera investors: Messari

HBAR, its native token, is primarily meant for powering the entire ecosystem. Using HBAR, participants can pay for micropayments and transaction fees. Plus, network participants can use the HBAR tokens for staking, which adds a thing or two to the overall network security. And finally, HBAR is also used for paying staking rewards to the nodes.

Inference: As a project, Hedera Hashgraph looks robust enough. And its native token comes with a host of utilities, making us more optimistic about the future price of the same. 

HBAR price forecast and the involved tokenomics

HBAR, the native token of this public network, has a 50 billion supply cap. The initial supply breakdown chart shows that only 17.45% went to the investors, whereas over 80% of the fixed supply belongs to the founders/project. 

HBAR token supply: Messari
HBAR token supply: Messari

Currently, the circulating supply is 51% of the total supply. 

While the supply cap looks promising enough, founders holding a majority of the supply is slightly disconcerting. However, a defined vesting period is in place to avoid market-wide sell-offs.

HBAR price prediction and other key metrics

As an investment option, HBAR looks shaky in the immediate short term. The 4-week price volatility is at its peak — an indicator that might just push the prices down in the short term. 

HBAR price prediction and price volatility: Santiment
HBAR price prediction and price volatility: Santiment

As mentioned, the Hedera network supports smart contracts and allows enterprises/individuals to build DApps. Therefore, development activity is expected to be an important metric. The increase in overall development activity progression over the past few months is visible. And prices, as expected, have been following the rise. 

HBAR price prediction and development activity: Santiment
HBAR price prediction and development activity: Santiment

HBAR price prediction and technical analysis

Now we have covered the Hedera fundamentals, including the state of the proof-of-stake ecosystem and other insights, it’s time to focus on the technical analysis.

Here is the weekly chart to help you analyze the pattern:

HBAR price prediction chart: TradingView
HBAR price prediction chart: TradingView

The pattern made by the price action of Hedera isn’t something we have seen before with this token. HBAR, the native token, makes a bottom-like formation followed by a peak. The historical data shows three clear bottom-to-high zones in play — confirming this as the formation of choice for Hedera Hashgraph.

Here are the zones encircled for your reference:

HBAR patterns
HBAR patterns: TradingView

If you see the chart with all the important points marked, you will notice that A-B-C formation multiple times. While A resembles the highest point before a dip, B is the lowest point in the formation, and C is the peak reached from B. Notice that the next A after any C is at the point where the next lower-high surfaces. 

Here is the chart with all the relevant markings:

HBAR price prediction points
HBAR price prediction points: TradingView

Price changes

We even have the A3 and B3 for the current pattern. Our immediate task is to locate the C3. For that, we will create three tables that trace the average price percentage moves and days taken by HBAR to complete the three A-B-C paths.

HBAR price changes: TradingView
HBAR price changes: TradingView

A to C


A to B

B to C




% change



A1 to C1


A1 to B1

B1 to C1




% change



A2 to C2


A2 to B2

B2 to C2




% change



And finally, just for the sake of calculations, we can mark the A3 to B3 values as 413 days and -92.60%.

Therefore, the average high-to-low percentage drop and time taken show up as 74.75% and 208 days. We have used all the A to B levels from A to B3. 

Also, the low-to-high average hike and time taken show up as 892.35% and 86 days. However, we can use the minimum percentage hike of 319.64% and the maximum distance of 133 days in case the crypto market gives out weaker vibes.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) price prediction 2023

Outlook: Moderately bullish

We already have the last low or B3 on the chart. Now, we can use the low-to-high percentage hike of 319.64% in 133 days to plot the next high at $0.1492. We have selected the minimum percentage hike as the bull market isn’t in yet, and we expect the gains to be minimal going forward.

HBAR price changes from C to A: TradingView

Let us mark this level C3. But we hit a dead end here. We now have to locate the next point or A4 to kickstart a new formation. And we do not have the data for locating the point. Therefore, we will use the data (price change percentage and time) from every C to the next A.


C to A1

C1 to A2

C2 to A3





% change




The average C to A move comes to be 30 days and a drop of 14.81%. 

Therefore, A4 might show up in 30 days from C3 and at a low of 14.81%. So A4 can show up close to $0.1272. We can now use the high-to-low average to locate the next point or the 2023 low, marked B4. With C3 surfacing lower than A3, we can expect the price of HBAR to correct more. Hence, the 74.75% drop and 208 days timeframe become relevant.

HBAR price prediction 2023: TradingView
HBAR price prediction 2023: TradingView

Therefore, B4 might just surface at $0.0322. However, there is strong support for HBAR at $0.0643 — ensuring that the minimum price prediction in 2023 doesn’t drop below that. 

However, the short-term analysis shows the near completion of the five-wave pattern, with a correction expected close to $0.058. You can refer to this piece for more insights on that.

Projected ROI from the current level: 136%

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) price prediction 2025

Outlook: Bullish

Now that we have the low B4 at $0.0643, by late 2023 or even early 2024, depending on the market conditions, the next high or C4 can follow the minimal gain percentage of 319.64% and surface in 133 days. This puts 2024 high at $0.2696. We can mark this level as C4.

The next level, or A5, can surface in 30 days and at a drop of 14.81%, using table 4. This level surfaces at $0.2299.

HBAR price prediction 2024: TradingView
HBAR price prediction 2024: TradingView

From this level or A5, we can use locate the next low or B5 in 208 days and at a minimum drop percentage of 56.61% — using table 2. This puts the minimum price of HBAR in 2024 at $0.0998. The next high or the price of HBAR in 2025 could be at $0.4187 — using the minimum percentage hike and 133 days as the maximum timeframe.

HBAR price prediction 2025: TradingView

Projected ROI from the current level: 563%

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) price prediction 2030

Outlook: Bullish

We can mark this point as C5. And from C5, we can plot the next A or A6 using the 30-day timeframe and a drop of 14.81%. The drop from A6 can take support at $0.1369 in 208 days. 

HBAR price prediction 2030: TradingView
HBAR price prediction 2030: TradingView

The next high, or C6, can finally tread the average path of 892.35% and 86 days — from tables one, two, and three. This puts 2026 high at $1.35 by March 2026. 

Now that we have the 2026 high and 2025 low, we can extrapolate the path till 2030 by connecting these dots using the Fib indicators. 

The same path, if extrapolated, can return $20.71 as the HBAR price prediction high for 2030. The reason for this growth could be the large-scale enterprise adoption.

Projected ROI from the current level: 32689%

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR’s) long-term price prediction (up to 2035)

Outlook: Bullish

If you want to check the HBAR price forecast levels till 2035, here is another table that might come in handy:


Maximum price of HBAR

Minimum price of HBAR








































Note the average trading price, regardless of the year you choose, can vary from the maximum prices or even the minimum price levels.

Is the HBAR price prediction model accurate?

Hedera Hashgraph involves many technical elements. These include smart contracts for improving the public network and an innovative hashgraph consensus. This HBAR price prediction model considers all these elements whilst forming a detailed technical analysis to ascertain the future price of the HBAR token. Therefore, this price forecast model is practical and realistic. Plus, as it is based on a lot of historical data, the price prediction model even aligns with the market sentiments. 

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