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CoolWallet Pro vs. CoolWallet S: Which Cold Wallet Is Right for You?

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Consider hardware wallets as your personal, impenetrable vaults for digital assets — a secure place where your cryptocurrencies are not just stored but actively shielded from online threats, all while keeping you in complete control. In light of these considerations, two options from CoolWallet stand out: the CoolWallet Pro and CoolWallet S. Each of these hardware wallets stands out for its top-notch security measures, designed to shield your digital assets from cyber threats.

Beyond security, both models offer additional functionalities that improve usability. These wallets are well-suited for both those new to cryptocurrency and seasoned traders alike. But which option suits you best? Here’s a breakdown of the two models and the respective benefits and features of each.

The CoolWallet ecosystem

Understanding the complex world of crypto can be overwhelming, but the CoolWallet ecosystem strives to make this intricacy easier to manage by providing a smooth and safe experience. 

The CoolWallet ecosystem provides a comprehensive platform for managing, transacting, and protecting your digital assets by integrating both hardware and software solutions. 


CoolWallet App

The app brings enhanced coin support for EVM-compatible chains right from the start. With integrations from WalletConnect, OpenSea, and various crypto exchanges, the marketplace feature is more versatile than ever. 


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The app supports over 10 main chains and an impressive 12,000 custom tokens. New features are added over time to maintain the highest security standards.

CoolWallet Pro

Built for the modern crypto enthusiast, CoolWallet Pro is optimized for DeFi, web3, and NFTs. This is a hardware wallet designed for everyday use with an EAL6+ secure element, 256 AES encrypted Bluetooth, and 2+1 FA biometric verification. It supports over 30 main chains, far more than the CoolWallet App alone.

CoolWallet S

Priced at USD $99.00, CoolWallet S is a cold storage hardware wallet supporting 14 main chains and over 10,000 custom tokens. It features EAL5+ secure elements, rechargeable battery life, and a similar standby time to the Pro. However, it does not support staking and supports fewer blockchains than the Pro.

The showdown: CoolWallet Pro vs. S

When it comes to safeguarding your digital assets, two champions emerge in the CoolWallet lineup — let’s see how CoolWallet Pro and CoolWallet S stack up in a head-to-head showdown.

FeatureCoolWallet ProCoolWallet S
Military-grade SecurityEAL6+ secure elements; military and aerospace encryption algorithms for unparalleled protectionEAL5+ secure elements; robust but not as advanced as Pro
Multi-currency supportSupports over 30 main chains and 12,000+ custom tokensSupports 14 main chains and 10,000+ custom tokens
Mobile app integrationSeamless integration with CoolWallet App for intuitive asset managementSeamless integration with CoolWallet App for intuitive asset management
Staking and additional servicesOffers native staking features and additional services like a web3 browserDoes not offer staking or Web3 browser

You can find more information about the CoolWallet Pro here.

Security measures and additional services

Both models are non-custodial wallets that don’t store user data. They come with screen lock features, transaction verification through biometrics or passwords, and advanced transaction analysis via Smart Scan for an added layer of security.

Should you forget your CoolWallet App password, all is not lost. Your assets can be recovered if you have a secure recovery phrase. Both the Pro and the App allow web3 browser exploration and NFT management, and both incorporate Smart Scan for secure transaction analysis.

Did you know?

Which CoolWallet model should you choose?

Choosing between CoolWallet Pro and CoolWallet S boils down to your specific needs. If you require the highest security measures, more blockchain support, and native staking capabilities, CoolWallet Pro is your go-to option. If you’re new to crypto or don’t need the expanded feature set, the S version offers a cheaper but slightly less feature-rich alternative.

Regardless of your choice, either wallet offers you cutting-edge technology that has already earned the trust of over 100,000 users worldwide. So, the decision isn’t about dodging a poor option but optimizing a beneficial decision.

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