Kodoku Studios to Release Play-2-Win NFT Game THE PIT on Nov. 30

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24 November 2021, 10:24 GMT+0000
Updated by Shilpa Lama
24 November 2021, 10:31 GMT+0000

Kodoku Studios has announced that its seminal project THE PIT, a next-generation play-2-win NFT arena, will officially launch on November 30. 

THE PIT is the first game of its kind, providing a competitive environment for pitting NFTs against each other in the form of simulated battle. The highly anticipated launch will feature 5,000 NFT creatures released into THE PIT, each with a set of randomly generated and unique characteristics. 

THE PIT plays host to four distinct species of PIT Creature – Avians, Insectoids, Serpents, and Canines, each with a population of 1,250 NFTs. Properties and attributes are distributed among each species with a scope for a potential 150 billion variations. 

Commenting on the launch, Co-founder of Kodoku Studios Hewie Rattray stated: “We’re incredibly excited to bring our flagship project to the NFT community; THE PIT will be a fun, immersive, and wholly new form of NFT gaming, with AI-controlled battle royales, planned wagering, NFT V NFT battles, and huge prizes up for grabs. We can’t wait for the drop on November 30th, and to welcome everybody into THE PIT. Good luck, have fun!” 

THE PIT will represent the pinnacle of NFT fighting sims – the game release is set to coincide with the first mint. NFT holders stand to win ETH as well as gaming accessories and merchandise with free entry. In the First Season alone, Kodoku has committed to an unprecedented 100 ETH prize pool.

The project has received considerable VC backing from Pioneer Media, a listed Canadian investment company that actively invests in a diversified portfolio of early-stage to mid-level companies in the Metaverse including NFT gaming, as well as NFT Investments, a UK PLC that is purpose-built to engage, partner, incubate, and develop Non-Fungible Tokens, Companies, and Rights.

The Pit will be minting on November 30 directly from their website, with an initial mint price of 0.075 ETH, and will be tradeable on OpenSea shortly afterwards. Kodoku Studios has committed to reinvesting 50% of all revenue generated from the first mint and trading royalties directly back into arena prize pools. 

Following the initial mint, THE PIT will expand on their existing model with the addition of new game formats, including Race and Challenge modes. The latter will enable direct Player vs. Player (PvP) combat for pride, honor and ETH. In addition, NFT holders can initiate off-stream, private games where they set their own prize pools – you could even wager your NFT itself!

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