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How Kaspa’s Next Target is Reaching a $120 Billion Market Cap While Bitcoin ETF Continues Successful Presale

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Kaspa has delivered explosive returns in 2023, surging an astonishing 71,920% year-to-date. With gains of this magnitude, it’s understandable that investors who missed the initial price run-up are wondering if the opportunity has passed or if Kaspa still has room to run.

According to prominent crypto analyst Braver Crypto, who boasts over 62,000 followers on X, the answer is a resounding yes – Kaspa could potentially reach $5 per token in the next bull cycle. Here’s a deeper look at his bullish case.

Braver lays out a straightforward market cap analysis, noting that with Kaspa’s eventual total supply of around 24 billion tokens, a price target of $5 would equate to a $120 billion market cap. While that may seem lofty, he argues it’s achievable based on the overall growth of the crypto market.

Specifically, he envisions the total crypto market cap swelling to between $5 trillion and $10 trillion in the 2025 bull market peak. For context, the November 2021 all-time high for crypto was near $3 trillion. With exponential adoption still ahead, a doubling or tripling of this figure is feasible.

If the market grows to that scale, a $120 billion valuation is not outlandish for an elite project like Kaspa, representing just 1-2% market share. As Braver notes, Cardano (ADA) briefly surpassed $90 billion in market cap with zero functional product – only an ambitious roadmap.

And that comparison is where Kaspa really shines.

Unlike ADA back then, Kaspa already has a working mainnet capable of industry-leading performance. It manages transaction speeds of one block per second (BPS), significantly faster than rivals. And through ongoing scaling research, the development team aims to push throughput up to 100 BPS in the future.

This would allow Kaspa to rival even traditional payment processors like Visa in transaction capacity. Such game-changing technology is why Braver is so bullish on adoption and price growth ahead.

And beyond raw horsepower, Kaspa has also realized Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of fast, cheap, decentralized peer-to-peer digital cash. User growth and merchant acceptance have exploded in recent months as real-world utility shines through.

Kaspa chart, source: CoinMarketCap

That utility will expand even more once smart contracts are introduced down the road. At that point, an entire decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem of dApps and services can blossom around this powerful base blockchain protocol.

For those reasons, Braver argues Kaspa represents arguably the most impressive leap forward since the invention of Bitcoin itself. There simply is no “next Kaspa” – it stands uniquely positioned to dominate the crypto landscape moving forward based on technical innovations.

So for investors who missed those massive early gains, Braver contends this breakout is still in the early innings. With an ascendant community, foundational technology for the next generation of blockchain applications, and increasing mainstream traction, Kaspa seems poised to shock markets for years to come if adoption continues accelerating.

Bitcoin ETF Token Surges 20% After $2 Million Presale Milestone

In fresh news this week, Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) has rallied over 20% after reaching a $2 million market cap in its ongoing presale. More broadly, anticipation seems to be building around a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval in 2024.

As its name suggests, Bitcoin ETF Token aims to capitalize on the success of a spot Bitcoin ETF by designing deflationary tokenomics around key milestones in the approval process.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • BTCETF originally sold presale tokens for $0.005, but current prices have climbed 20% to $0.006 due to strong demand
  • The project has now entered Stage 6 of its presale after crossing $2 million market cap
  • BTCETF tokenomics include burning 25% of the total supply based on 5 key ETF-related events
  • A final 5% burn depends on Bitcoin itself hitting $100K
  • Along with the milestone supply shocks, BTCETF taxes all transactions at 5% to further reduce circulating supply
  • With ETF optimism swirling, BTCETF presents a unique opportunity to engage with this narrative

These deflationary forces ensure BTCETF holders are rewarded for sticking with the project long-term. Supply shocks also make the token more scarce over time if adoption grows.

The team has successfully completed a third milestone: upon release, Bitcoin ETF will immediately burn 5% of its total token supply, removing these coins permanently from circulation. This powerful early supply shock is designed to ignite the tokenomics flywheel.

Additionally, reducing circulating supply this drastically allows Bitcoin ETF to cut its transaction tax rate from 3% down to 2% in the same move. Lower fees should jumpstart trading activity and organic volume growth as investors swarm the newly-launched token. 

BTCETF has also implemented a staking mechanism with triple-digit APYs over 1,000% for early participants. However, yields will taper lower as more tokens enter circulation moving forward.

With eye-catching tokenomics and incentives for believers in a 2024 spot Bitcoin ETF approval, Bitcoin ETF Token has unsurprisingly garnered strong interest out of the gates. The recent 20% price pop and $2 million market cap are signals the presale still has momentum.

Now entering stage 6 out of 10, the question becomes can Bitcoin ETF Token continue rallying from here?

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