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Justin Sun Wants Tron’s TRX to be Adopted as Legal Tender in 5 Countries

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Updated by Paolo Besabella

Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun revealed on Jan. 29 that his goal for the new year is to ensure that the TRX digital asset is adopted in five countries as a legal tender.

According to Sun, adopting the asset in five countries could spur wider adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide. He noted that the goal is “ambitious” but can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

Meanwhile, in a separate Jan. 28 tweet, Justin Sun said a major country would legalize TRX as a legal tender soon. According to Sun, the move will allow the crypto tokens within its ecosystem to be “recognized by the government as a valid form of payment for goods and services.”

The Tron founder said the government’s adoption would increase TRX’s legitimacy and usage. He continued that a government’s adoption of a digital currency as a legal tender gives the general public a sense of trust and security.

Sun further highlighted how the adoption would spur more businesses and merchants to accept TRX as a payment option and make individuals comfortable spending the token. He concluded that:

“[TRX adoption] will also give a boost to the overall value of TRX as it will increase the demand for the currency. With more people and businesses willing to use and accept TRX, the demand for the currency will increase, which will lead to an increase in its value.”

Recently, Tron has gained adoption among some countries, it was adopted as a legal tender in St. Maarten and Dominica. Sun is also Grenada’s ambassador to the World Trade Organization.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin already enjoys a legal tender status in the Central African Republic and El Salvador.

Sun Advises Crypto Community Not to be “too US-centric”

In a separate Jan. 29 tweet, Justin Sun advised the crypto community not to be “too US-centric.” The crypto entrepreneur noted that while the US is a significant player in the crypto industry, it is not the only one whose policies are essential for the space.

Sun said:

“If 7.7 billion people on Earth adopt crypto as legal tender, the 300 million people in the US will eventually follow suit.”

The Tron founder advised crypto projects to educate and build partnerships with governments and businesses in countries around the world. He added that “adopting crypto as legal tender is not just about making it easier to buy and sell goods and services; it’s about giving people greater control over their financial futures.”

Sun further advised the community to stop limiting their focus to one country when they can focus on the world.


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