The founder of Tron, Justin Sun, recently posted an apology on Weibo for ‘over-marketing’ the planned lunch with Warren Buffett. However, shortly after publishing the note on Weibo, he deleted it.

Justin Sun is apparently sorry for how he handled the planned lunch with Warren Buffet and “sincerely apologizes to the public, media, officials, and regulatory authorities” for his “over-marketing,” he wrote on Weibo.

An Unexpected Apology

The note was long, with Sun writing of his admiration for Buffett and how he wanted the money to go towards a good cause. He also writes that it was “with self-interest” that he promoted blockchain technology, but “my immature, native, and impulsive conducts with my big mouth have turned it into an out-of-control and failed over-marketing hype.”

He said that, overall, it has “led to a series of unexpected consequences.” Interestingly, Sun mentions ‘regulator’ 13 times in the entire message, although he did not mention who in particular. The apology message was only posted in Chinese, which may give us a hint regarding its intended audience.

With his health supposedly weak, Sun said that he will limit his media exposure going forward and focus on the tech. “All the efforts spent on publicity stunt need to go back to technology development,” he concludes.

Strangely enough, however, Sun did not leave the message up for long. It was promptly deleted for a still-unknown reason. As one Weibo commentator writes, “The full text has one meaning: spare me, I want to go back to China.”

As of now, the planned lunch date with Warren Buffett is scheduled for a later date, soon to be announced.

Questions Remain

The fact that Sun deleted the message and only posted it in Chinese is, overall, strange. Moreover, he consistently mentioned ‘regulators’ in his apology, which makes one wonder: who are these regulators? Is Sun under consideration for investigation?

That was the claim that the 21st Century Business Herald made recently, writing that Sun was under investigation in China for operating an illegal gambling service. There were some rumors that Sun could not leave China as a result, but according to a recent tweet from two days ago, he is in the Bay Area of California.

So, the situation regarding Sun is murky at best. Perhaps Sun will be reissuing the apology in English in the coming days, but don’t count on it.

Do you believe Sun is guilty of wrongdoing? Why did he delete his apology? Let us know your thoughts below.