In an exclusive interview with BeInCrypto, John McAfee has revealed that his controversial Freedom Coin project has been cancelled — citing personal circumstances as being behind the decision.

The website for Freedom Coin remains operational, where vague information regarding the ideology and purpose of the coin can be found — for now, at least.

In brief, Freedom Coin was to be designed as an entirely separate entity to both other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies — with its value entirely disconnected from the “value or behavior of any external item or entity.”

According to McAfee, shortly after announcing Freedom Coin, he was forced to go on the run from Cuba and was eventually arrested in the Dominican Republic. Following this, he then went undercover and still appears to be taking up residence on his private yacht, known as ‘The Great Mystery’ — a fitting title for its enigmatic owner.

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Freedom is simplest of all things to define. It means your body and your mind belong to you, and nobody else! […] That means you choose what to put into your minds and what you choose to generate from your mind. — John McAfee

McAfee goes on to state that — due to his life circumstances — he was essentially forced to go into survival mode, stating, “Life is an unexpected, miraculous, and frequently unpredictable affair. My life just took a turn which said survive, which suddenly took precedence over all of my plans.”

Later in the interview, McAfee shows just how seriously he takes his personal survival — since he was conducting it from a specially-designed room entirely coated with foil that forms a Faraday cage that completely isolates anything within from electromagnetic (EM) fields while preventing signals from within from escaping.

At one point, McAfee mentions that he knows the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous inventor of the Bitcoin protocol. With knowledge like this, in combination with his previously alleged IRS Indictment, there is little wonder why McAfee fears for his personal safety.

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